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Benefits of laser Hair removal   Leave a comment

Oh there is several benefits The number one benefit is no more shaving! Wow what a time saver that is! Think of how much time you spend in the shower shaving each morning? It adds up fast. What about the cost of razors? Wow they go up each time you have to buy them.  No more cutting yourself […]


The supplement with Zerona   Leave a comment

Making it work better! Zerona body reshaping has a supplement you take along with the treatments and then continue after. It is called Curva. You can start taking it a week prior to starting treatments as well. Curva is a proprietary blend of supplements containing Niacin, L-carnitine, Omegas 3&6, Ginkgo biloba and Green tea extract. Curva increases blood flow, […]


Laser hair removal rocks!   Leave a comment

Want to toss the razor in the garbage? Wow – that sounds good to me! There is a plus to having dark hair! You can have it removed with a laser! Ya that is right blondes it does not work as well on you. So do blondes really have more fun? Well if they are […]


What is Zerona?   Leave a comment

Zerona is GREAT!! Maybe you could call it the easy way out? Well is there really an easy way to lose weight and inches? No not really. But wow this will help! Zerona is the first non-invasive body contouring procedure to effectively remove excess fat.” Zerona® is a laser procedure that is a proven way […]


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