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Ebates to save money and time and even make some too!   Leave a comment

Ebates online shopping made easy!! Ebates is a FREE way to get cash back rewards with it being completely FREE and incredibly simple, I am still surprised how few of people are taking advantage of it. Wow – its true, Ebates actually pays you to shop on the internet. There are relatively few gimmicks and they […]


Feed Your Brain – Lose your Belly   Leave a comment

Dr Larry McCleary MD’s book This book can and will change the way you think about how you feed your body! If you are at that spot in your weight loss – you know that spot – you have tried everything to lose that last 5, 10 or even 20 pounds and NOTHING seems to […]


Empower Your kids!   Leave a comment

Kidfirmations ~ Empowerment Through Affirmations Builds Firm Foundations! The mind of a child is more open and accepting of ideas and suggestions. Fill their cups with goodness! Practice positive affirmations! Team TKD – is happy to have this great company on board!! Our team is trying to instill great healthy values in our kids and Kidfirmations […]


Ever think you could wear luck?   Leave a comment

You can wear Luck and more!! Women always put everyone in their life first. WEAR LUCK is clothing that reminds women to do something for yourself. Wish it! Wear it! LIVE IT!! Team TKD — knows that YOU are important and all Momma’s need time to be themselves and not loose themselves in their family! […]


Journal your food and fitness!   Leave a comment

Positive Portions… We could all use this book.  Statistics show that people who keep a food journal lose twice as much weight as those who don’t. Shannon Hammer has put together this great book.  It is inspirational and gives great tips along the way. Simple tips thru the weight loss experience can help for sure keeping […]


Mobile Spa/Spray Tanning “Tan Yer Hide & Tone It Too!”   Leave a comment

Mobile spray tanning ~~~~~~~Locations~~~~~~ Goldthwaite,TX ~ location has been sold & Now Spray Tan’s are by Jayde Baumeister Call 512-517-2169 [email protected] Spa Foot Detox by Janice Smith Call 325-451-3500 [email protected] DBA – “Remove what Ails Ya”   Main location ~ Traci Davis ~In Weatherford, TX and Parker Co area! All services offered Call 254-433-0806 or […]


BeachBody And P90X, Insanity, Rev Abs And Brazilian Butt!!   5 comments

Thanks for visiting! Make sure to sign up for a Free Team Beachbody Account to get support, to help keep you motivated, and to gain access to free tools to keep you on track with your fitness & health goals. You’ll also get a great Beachbody Coach! Hope this finds everyone ready to change your life! […]


Goals!!!   Leave a comment

Summer is getting close! Need help to get into that bathing suit still?  Well it is your lucky day! NEW LIFESTYLE DIET can and will help!! Even with only a few months left you can get started now and see some or all (depending how much you have to loose) those extra pounds leave your […]


The 6 Week Workout Program   1 comment

I am always up for saving money! Well this book “The 6 Week Workout Program” is a cheaper alternative to a personal trainer.  It tells you everything you need to do while at a gym. Tis book is easy to follow and the program will get you moving and keep you moving! Personal trainers are at […]


Sponsorships!!   1 comment

Sponsorships!!.   Sponsor Us Showcase Your Business Team TKD is a perfect market for all company’s who want to bring more exposure to their business! There are several ways that Team TKD can help you promote your business: 1. SPONSORING Team TKD We are currently looking for sponsors for 2011. Team TKD would love to […]


Gender Differences!   Leave a comment

Why Don’t You Understand! You already know men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Yet, knowing this doesn’t prevent you and your partner from hurting each other with your miscommunication.More than 60% of relationship problems and gender issues result from gender communication differences (couples not understanding each other’s language.) This book, the world’s first […]


Keeping clean!   Leave a comment

Silver towel The SilverSport Silver Towel™ provides an extra layer of protection against odor- causing bacteria that other fitness towels just can’t be beat. Thanks to revolutionary new Terra Silver™ technology that utilizes antimicrobial silver, the Silver Towel keeps your workouts cleaner than ever by eliminating odor-causing bacteria in your towel. Made out of super […]


How is your Marriage?   Leave a comment

Do you have regular date nights? Good question for most couples! Oh I know you do not have time right? WRONG!! Make time!! What a great book to review tonight. My husband and I are headed out shortly for “Date night”! We are blessed to spend our days together everyday – but we still try […]


Need a little Mystery?   2 comments

Hawaiian Wildflower! Looking for some mystery? Need to walk away from your life and escape to a good book! Hawaiian Wildflower should be that book you escape to. A Hawaiian hula dancer may dazzle your eyes. She may sparkle in your memory. But she can’t shipwreck your life in Lubbock, Texas, thousands of miles away. […]


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