Horses For Sale

Horses For Sale ~ If you do not see what you are looking for just ask we may have something we have not put up yet!!

I try to load pictures of all new horses on here but at times I get behind so be sure to email ~ call or text Traci Davis  254 433 0806 Thanks


At the bottom of the page you will find horses from other ranches and other items as well. So scroll all the way and click away!

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I broker most of the horses on here, some we personally own. I get to know each horse I sell so I can represent them accurately. We do live in Weatherford, TX ~ Some horses are here or close by.

Thinking about listing your horse with us GO HERE for more info

If you see a horse you like I will gladly hold the horse up to 5 days (some only 3 days – depending on hight interest) with a $100 NON-Refundable deposit – if you go thru with purchase $100 goes towards purchase of horse if you do not buy the $100 will not be returned. 

We also have from time to time – Quality horse hay, Border Collie pups, tack, trailers, round pens and more! (go all the way to bottom of page to see listings) 

Selling your horse can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Let us handle the worry for you so you can spend more time riding. We have been selling quality horses for years and have a great reputation. Reasonable rates for listing.  We do have people looking for certain horses your horse might be the one! Give us a try!

Please just click the links/short description to see pictures and video’s to each horse we have available to take you to a page with all the info, pedigree, pictures and video’s of that horse!  We have Cattle TOO!!

Featured Horses and items! 

1. Dun Gelding for sale or Trade Weatherford, TX (Dollar) 

2. Riding mare in foal to PG Dry Fire East TX (Icy Roc)

3. Very well bred cutting filly rides Weatherford, TX (Rosie)

4.  Nice 3 year old Pleasure horse Weatherford, TX (Fancy) 

5. Cutting/sorting mare Top bloodlines Weatherford, TX (Bo)  

6. Finished Cutter/Ranch horse/ropes, sorts and more Weatherford, TX (Biscuit) 

7. Bay Royal king bred been there done that horse Weatherford, TX (The Rock)

8. Bloomer “The Evolution” living quarter trailer 

9.  Pink Calico Bumper pull 2 horse trailer 


Stallions/ Studs for sale and Standing 

For Sale 

1.Bay Boon Bar Stud Weatherford, TX  (Luke)



1. Pepto Madera

2. DA Pepanic

3.Dun It With A Chic N

4. Cmon N Play


Broodmares and Riding Mares

Riding mares  

1.  Grey cutting bred mare in foal East, TX (Mini)

2.. Very well bred cutting filly rides Weatherford, TX (Rosie)

3. Nice 3 year old Pleasure horse Weatherford, TX (Fancy)


5. Cutting/sorting mare Top bloodlines Weatherford, TX (Bo)  

6. Big mare great rope horse Weatherford, TX (Vegas)



9. Big Pretty Black and White mare Weatherford, TX (Annie) 

10. Beautiful Palomino mare in foal East TX (Sugar)





1.Riding mare in foal to PG Dry Fire East TX (Icy Roc)

2. Own daughter SR Instant Choice In foal East TX (Clementine) 

3.Buckskin coming 3 year old East TX (Dolly)


5. B/W Paint mare  Eastland, TX (Lady)

6. Cutting Bred Mare in Foal – well trained East, TX (Sadie) 



Rope/Rodeo Horses

1. Big bay rope horse Weatherford, TX (Roman)


3. Big mare great rope horse Weatherford, TX (Vegas)


Jumping/Eventing Horses 

1. Welch Cob Jumping horse (Picasso) 

Halter Horses

1. Nice 3 year old Pleasure horse Weatherford, TX (Fancy)

Mustangs and Morgans

1. Bay Morgan gelding – rides great Weatherford, TX (Copper)


Cutting/Sorting Horses

1.Cutting/sorting mare Top bloodlines Weatherford, TX (Bo)  

2.  Nice cow bred Ranch/Sorting horse Lipan, TX (Jupiter)

3. Finished Cutter/Ranch horse/ropes, sorts and more Weatherford, TX (Biscuit) 

4. Liver chestnut gelding nice horse Weatherford, TX (Cruzer)

5.. Very well bred cutting filly rides Weatherford, TX (Rosie)


Beginner and Kid/ Family safe Horses  

1.Very gentle gelding Weatherford, TX (Ringo)





Ranch Horses 

1.Big bay rope horse Weatherford, TX (Roman)

2.Dun Gelding for sale or Trade Weatherford, TX (Dollar)

3. Nice black gelding Weatherford, TX (Jigger)



Young Colts and Fillies 

1. Palo Duro Cat foals Jacksonville, TX

2. Very well bred filly ready to start East, TX (Dixie) 


4. Very Cow Bred Dun Colt Jacksonville, TX (Stitch) 



7.  NCHA Cutting Prospect East TX (Tasa)

8.  Perlino Colt East TX (Linus)


Riding Geldings

1. Appy Gelding (Washington State) (Streaker)

2.Buckskin gelding started roping (Caleb)

3. Nice AQHA sorrel gelding very gentle (BoJangles)

4. Nice cow bred Ranch/Sorting horse Lipan, TX (Jupiter)

5. Welch Cob Jumping horse (Picasso) 

6. Very well bred gelding Weatherford, TX (Myst) 

7. Finished Cutter/Ranch horse/ropes, sorts and more Weatherford, TX (Biscuit) 

8. Bay Morgan gelding – rides great Weatherford, TX (Copper) 

9. Liver chestnut gelding nice horse Weatherford, TX (Cruzer)

10. Big ranch gelding Weatherford, TX (Homer)  

11.Dun Gelding for sale or Trade Weatherford, TX (Dollar)

12. Very gentle gelding Weatherford, TX (Ringo)

13. Big bay rope horse Weatherford, TX (Roman)

14. Gentle Buckskin Gelding Weatherford, TX (Kevin)

15. Nice black Gelding Weatherford, TX (Jigger) 





Barrel, Speed and playday Horses     

1.  Little Corona Colt Goldthwaite, TX 




Mini’s, Ponies and Mules




Horses for sale in Other states Great deals

1. Badger Hole Ranch – South Dakota                    90 day challenge, arabian, bay, clinics, colt trainer, deal, dog, dogs, facebook, horse, horseback, horses, kids, parents, playday, racing, ranch, riding, sorting, stout great pony western barrel equestrian quarter escape, team penning, traci davis, wahm, working from home

2. Finished Heel horse — Birch Tree, M

3. Done Right Farms – Bishop, TX 

4. Missouri horses for sale 

5. Nice Horses in Joshua, TX 




Saddles, tack, Trailers, hay and more

Vaquero Films   

Bloomer “The Evolution” living quarter trailer

Pink Calico Bumper pull 2 horse trailer

Drill Stem – metal pipe – for fence 2-3/8 Weatherford, TX 

Great Welding and Construction Services – Arenas, buildings and more 

Pecans from TnT Ranch 

Cattle For Sale 

Custom made horse stalls 

Horse Stall mats – Inter-locking 

Beautiful Horse place for sale – Parker Co. 

Reference sire – Pepto Madera 

Custom Leather -Chaps, Chinks and Armita’s 

Horse Training 

Up Coming Horsemanship Clinic

To view horses we have sold

TnT Ranch & Tom Davis Horsemanship

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  • Senya

    hi love your horses can you like put more geldings up cause im looking for geldings

  • tanyerhide

    I will have a few geldings listed this week. We are going to film them soon!!

  • sissy

    Whats her registered name and where did you get her?


  • tanyerhide

    her name is Lecias Square Root ~~ also have gelding thats name is Freds Double East — both super nice they are my neighbors – he raised them!! You would like them and they are a bargain!!

  • Brandy

    Interested in Money- 5 yr. old buck skin. Looking for gelding for my 10 year old daughter. She isn’t a beginner, but needs one she can grow with- that will help build her confidence. Has been riding a pony and you know how ponies can be.

    Let me know if you have anything that might fit the bill.
    Thank you

  • tanyerhide

    He would probably work for her or I have others too that might if he does not. Would you like to come look?? feel free to call me 254-433-0806

  • Sierra Ransdell

    My name is Sierra. I’m 14 and looking for either a barrel horse (mare or gelding), or a horse that i can learn from and that i can teach and they can teach me. (As my mom puts it a “Fun Horse”) I’m trying really hard to find a horse for me. I’ve been rideing since i was really little and i know alot about horses. And i want one of my own. I hope you can help me.

    -Sierra Ransdell

  • Johnny B

    Hi, I’m interested in $450, Breed: Quarter Horse ,Color: Sorrel Sex: Mare, Birth Date: Jan 1, 2006 at the top of the page, I’m teaching my sister to ride along with, along with my father. I see the video, that she takes a rider, but I was wondering if she takes a saddle and rides on trail at least, or what all work would need to be done?

  • tanyerhide

    I just sold her this morning. I do have a little baby filly and a paint filly that might work for you. The bay is $700 and the paint is $450

  • tanyerhide

    Sierra did you want to look at the bay mare??

  • Johnny B

    Are any of them somewhat broken, or are they a full job? Can you send pics of them?

  • Debbie

    Hey, I saw Ace on equine now and Money. Is Ace still for sale, if so for how much?

  • tanyerhide

    I sold Money but Ace is still available I have had a lot of calls he is $2500 feel free to call me 254-433-0806

  • Christine

    I just want you to know that I am absolutely in love with money, he is so sweet, I haven’t been able to ride him yet but plan on doing that on Sunday, He seems so much bigger than our little POA”S I think that I will be very happy with him Thanks so much. Christine

  • tanyerhide

    I am so glad Money has a good home!! Thanks so much for giving him a good home!! Enjoy him!!

  • Rachel Hill

    Hello we are interested in Whisky. Can you email more information?

  • tanyerhide

    I sent you an email — call me in the morning 254-433-0806 Thanks Traci

  • shelby

    I am interested in the gray gelding geroge? how far along is he

  • tanyerhide

    He is going real well — still needs some fine tuning but this colt has a great mind. Give me a call and I will get you booked to go see him! 254-433-0806

  • Adrianne

    I am interested in your four year old mare that is for sale for $1200.
    Could you please tell me a little more about her.
    How does she ride? Is she still green?
    Thanks so much

  • tanyerhide

    She is a nice mare here is a video of her riding

  • kim

    How do I contact you to deposit and/or purchase and get questions.

    Thank you

  • tanyerhide or call 254-433-0806 Thanks

  • Benny

    Looking for a beautiful Red Roan gelding (15’1; 15’2) economically priced. Got any?

  • tanyerhide

    I did have – sold him!! But I have some horses I will be filming next week, and I get new ones everyday!! I will keep you posted!!

  • twobrotherz

    is your gelding roany still for sale

  • tanyerhide

    I will have another roan soon – keep checking back! Thanks

  • Benny

    Noticed above you might have a new red roan gelding soon. Any estimated time?

  • tanyerhide

    I just added roan mare!!

  • tanyerhide

    Just added a roan mare!

  • Sally

    We are looking for an older, (10 to 20) very gentle gelding. No need for papers, just healthy, sound, safe and reasonably priced. Will be ridden primarily by my 24 year old learning disabled daughter. We have 45 acres at our homesite, two other horses and lots of love to give to an older horse needing a good home. Should you come across something that might fit our needs, could you please email me?

  • tanyerhide
  • Shania Morris

    Hello, I’m 15 and looking for a gelding barrel horse. I’m not really a beginner therefore i’ve been riding horses most of my life. Do you have any good geldings that aren’t over 1500 but are great barrel racers. i started barrels last year and wanna advance and get more experience.

    Shania Morris

  • tanyerhide — this gelding would be nice – he is a little over $1500 but he is FAST! Let me know

  • Rick

    What do you have in finished, guranteed SOUND Head Horse. Low number Roper. Something under 20

  • tanyerhide

    I have a 20 year old – head horse — I have a calf horse that I am sure would go to heading easy – I also have some rope horses that am going to look at next week and put up so stay tuned. You can sign up for emails at the right side of the page! Thanks

  • Curt

    I am looking for a beginner head horse that is all so preaty much bombproof. I am learning to rope and have a 5 and 6 year old who want to learn to ride.Would like to try and find one horse for all of us.


  • tanyerhide
  • tanyerhide

    Hi Curt — just checking to see if you are still planning to come this weekend!! Lets talk!! Thanks Traci 254-433-0806

  • Hazell Moore

    I’m looking for a horse that would work to Barrel Race with a beginner rider, and a beginner rider who’s an older woman. I’m looking to spend around $500. Do you have a horse or know someone who has a horse that would work? Thank you, Hazell

  • tanyerhide

    I do not have any that cheap right now! That could change so keep looking and I will email you if I get one!! Thanks Traci

  • Lexy Gee

    About how much more riding does the 4 year old Red Roan “Nugget” need?

  • tanyerhide

    not a whole lot — nothing in the past 8 months – lots of ground work. He needs a confident rider.

  • Underwoodacres

    I was wondering if you would be interested in trading me a really good broke horse (reining / roping / cutting bred) for 3 great broodmares and a yearling. The 3 mares are all proven producers and are running bred top and bottom with winners all over there papers.  Two of them are color producers. I have no one to help me with breeding so I have to sell them. They are way too nice to stand in the pasture and just eat, they need to be having foals. The yearling is out of one of the above mares and has Shining Spark and On the Money Red on her papers. I can give you more info on them and what Im looking for. 423-357-5620

  • Underwoodacres

    I liked # 33, 25 and 36 the best

  • Anonymous

    We normally do not do trades – but I can help you try to sell the mares if you would like. Lets talk tomorrow 254-433-0806

  • Stephanie Vantreese

    I’m looking for a Good, Gentle trail horse I can go anywhere and do anything with. Not very spooky. Something I can put a begginer on but enjoy myself. Preferably a gelding, 5-12 years old, 14.2-16 HH and around the $1000-$2000 range. Can you let me know if you have anything like this? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Call me if you would like me to help you 254-433-0806 Thanks Traci

  • Anonymous

    i am looking for a well trained weslh pony for my grand dghter, need a childs saddle also.  i know these ponies are not cheap so you wont scare me with it.  will be looking for another horse for me soon too.  my appy is 18 yrs old & will be loaned out for therapy(allready certified by nahra)  with in the next 2 yrs so not in a hurry just looking.  i love trail rideing & dont want to abuse him as he ages out of it.

  • Anonymous

    Looking for a horse for my 8 year old daughter. Not too old and not too young!! She is a beginner and doing well in her lesson’s. She is wanting to do playdays one day.

  • Hannah

    Sent you an email! Please consider it!

  • Grady Hall

    Can you tell me how tall the Kitty Royal mare is?

  • Ana Baker

    How much is the 10 yr old palomino gelding?


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