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Traci Davis, author and Mommy Extraordinare joins me on Page Readers

Traci Davishas faced the trials and tribulations of life but through it all stays focused on the positive.

Traci joined me on Page Readers to talk about her life, her businesses and her newest book,“The Momma Guide”.  Talking with Traci, her enthusiasim is obvious and infectious.  The book, co-authored with her best friend since childhood,   Vicki Holleman-Perez, The Momma Guide covers everything thinkable when it comes to raising children.  Starting with sound advice and things to think about before you get pregnant, all the way through the crazy teenage years, Traci and Vicki give honest, down to earth advice to anyone wanting to raise kids that make you proud.

Visit the website, The Momma Guide for more information about this book and other books written by Traci.  And be sure to stay tuned for more – Traci and Vicki have more books in the works!

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Davis, friend write ‘The Momma Guide’

Davis is originally from Washington state, she said, but has lived in Texas for the last seven years, and in Mills County the last nine months.
She currently lives here with her husband, Tom, and two daughters, Laurel, 13, and Taylor, 6. She grew up in a small town with a farming and ranching family.
She previously owned TLC Cleaning for more than 10 years, and now runs the Tan Yer Hide and Tone It Too! She is also a past rodeo queen and has been actively involved with 4-H and FFA.
Davis’s co-author, Holleman-
Perez, also grew up in Washington and was involved
in rodeos, ranching, 4-H and FFA. She and her husband, José, live in Ellensburg,
Wash., with their twins, Riley and Macenna. She holds a BA in speech communications, public relations and marketing. She and her husband have owned and operated a DJ/karaoke company for nearly 15 years, and she also does freelance graphic design work.
Davis referred to as a “self-help book.”
Both women have two children, Davis said, adding
the book is not just for moms. It is a guide to “Momma,” however, she said, noting it is “not a kid guide.”
“The Momma Guide” covers an array of topics — from how to run a household,
health issues, kids and school, death and divorce, all the way to dealing with the empty nest.
Davis laughed saying, most of the copies they’ve sold so far have been to men. Those who have read it so far seem to love it, she added, saying the books has already garnered great reviews.
This is the second book for Davis, who has also had a book on running a cleaning
service, “A Cleaning Business Maid Simple,” published by the same publishing
house that did “The Momma Guide.”
“The Momma Guide,” was released Sept. 21, Davis said, and is available by visiting
com,, or
paperback-book/the-momma-guice/7563484. It’s also coming soon to

(Original post  – October 7, 2009

Self help book for ALL parents

Parenting and more

Mother’s Day with Traci Davis, Author of The Momma Guide on Wednesday, March 5 at 9:30 am


By Irina Wardas, CHHC

Dated: May 05, 2010

Traci Davis, The Go To Momma and Co-Author of The Momma Guide will discuss tips and tricks for moms

to survive motherhood, including birth, health, divorce, depression, etc.

San Diego, CA – May 5th 2010 — Traci Davis, The Go To Momma and Co-Author of The Momma Guide

will appear on “Feel and Look Fabulous with Irina” with

host Irina Wardas on Wednesday, May 5th at 12:30 ET.  The exclusive interview will highlight tips for

moms and moms to be on birth, health, divorce, depression, etc.  Money from every book “The Momma

Guide” is donated  to www.Joseph Thomas Foundation to help families with children with special needs;

more details and information on

Callers are welcome to join the conversation during the show by calling (347)-857-4862   The live, Internet

talk-radio show will stream from the host page at

“The exclusive interview with Traci Davis, The Go To Momma is a must-listen for all Moms and Dads

who have unanswered questions about raising children said Irina Wardas, a founder of, a certified holistic health and nutrition counselor and host of the program. Traci’s

experience and expertise have fascinated and inspired thousands of women worldwide. We hope to answer

some of her fans biggest questions.

An archive will be available at the same link immediately following the show or listeners can subscribe to

the archive via the RSS feed located on the host page. Read more about the host and the discussion on

About Radio Show for Women “Feel and Look Fabulous with Irina”

Radio Show for Women “Feel and Look Fabulous with Irina” is interactive, live internet talk-radio show

that focuses on holistic health, nutrition and relationship topics for women.

Irina Wardas and her guests explore tips, thoughts, ideas and suggestions to help women feel and look

fabulous naturally. She interviews her guests on topics related to detox and cleanse, stress reduction, weight

loss, relationships, sex, divorce and marriage tips, cooking, healthy recipes, beauty remedies, etc. Callers

are encouraged to call (347)-857-4862 to listen or ask questions.  The stream or archives are available at The show is live every Wednesday at 12:30 pm Eastern

9:30 am PT. The show is hosted on BlogTalkRadio.


Irina Wardas


E-best life Christian Magazine

E-best life Christian Magazine

The Momma Guide ~ feature story in Abilene Reporter news! (also later in the Corpus Christi newspaper as well)

Being a mom is a difficult task as the job description changes frequently over time, especially in a single-parent home. Everything becomes a struggle, sometimes leaving a mother with few choices and a lot of questions.

This is why Traci Davis, who lives in Goldthwaite, and Vicki Holleman-Perez decided to write their book, “The Momma Guide.”

The book addresses everything from birth, depression, divorce, death, diet and nutrition, finances, tips on dating and even how to deal with cross-cultural issues within the family unit.

Her approach for this self-published book was simple; it is written by mommas for mommas. Both authors are 38, and each has two children.

The great thing about the book, Davis said, is that it not only deals with child-related issues but also offers tips on how moms can take care of themselves as well.

She uses an airplane analogy to describe why moms should always take care of themselves first. Before flight, attendants instruct passengers about the oxygen masks that drop out of the ceiling if the cabin should lose pressure.

“They always tell you to put on your mask first and then start helping everyone around you,” she said. “It’s the same thing with being a mother. How are you going to take care of the children if you can’t first take care of yourself?”

Davis, whose first book was “A Cleaning Business ‘Maid’ Simple,” is a rodeo queen turned entrepreneur. While she holds no formal degrees in child-related fields, she said her real-world experience was the most valuable asset she had in writing the book.

Her husband, Rob, was killed in a car accident in the late 1990s. The tragedy left her and her two girls, Laurel and Taylor, to survive on their own. From that moment on, Davis learned how to manage her finances, start her own business and, most importantly, how to come out on the other side of a tragedy with children intact.

Holleman-Perez lives in Ellensburg, Wash., with her husband, Jose, and their twins Riley and Macenna. She holds a bachelor’s degree in speech communication and public relations and is an entrepreneur as well. She said that she had always wanted to write a book, and she thought the collaboration with her lifelong friend, Davis, was a good fit.

Davis and Holleman-Perez have known each other since elementary school in Othello, Wash., and have swapped advice ever since. When they became moms, the advice was less about guy trouble and more about the kids. When their children were sick or facing some other issue, Holleman-Perez said, they would do some research and compare notes. Over time, they had compiled enough information to fill a book.

As time went on and they had a chance to quiz other mothers about what they thought of the project, the idea was received with open arms as most women felt they were alone.

While the book’s audience is mainly focused on new moms as well as more experienced mothers, Davis said fathers and grandparents alike will get just as much out of the book as anyone else, especially since more grandparents seem to be taking the lead in child-rearing these days.

“We wrote this book because so many moms think they are alone, and we want them to know that they’re not,” Davis said.

The only major roadblock the two authors had in writing the book, Holleman-Perez said, was the distance between them.

With Davis living in Goldthwaite and Holleman-Perez in Washington state, everything had to be done via e-mail, but the experience has brought them even closer together.

The duo hope to continue their collaboration on another project, which should be a continuance of “The Momma Guide.” Since there was so much information to offer, they had to find a stopping place to complete the project. Still, Davis said, just about every topic they could think of is touched on in the guide’s 445 pages.

“It’s like that Prego commercial you always see on television,” Davis said. “It’s all in there.”

Those interested in purchasing the book can do so for $33.94 online at or by purchasing it directly at  original post  By Eric Woods

Authors of The Momma Guide

Moms get help from former residents

By Briana Alzola ~ April 12, 2010

Staff writer

From heating up bottles to dropping the kids at soccer practice to dealing with whiny teenagers … sometimes, even the best parents need a little help.

That’s where “The Momma Guide,” written by former residents Traci Davis and Vicki Holleman-Perez, comes in.

“It is packed full of information,” Davis said. “It’s from conception to empty nest. It covers it all.”

The authors met when they were in grade school and have remained close friends, Holleman-Perez said.

“We grew up riding horses together,” she said.

Holleman-Perez said both had previous interest in writing and so after chatting about the subject, they decided to write something together that would be useful for others.

They wanted to let parents know everyone gets frustrated, Davis said.

“There are people out there who are going through the same things you are or have already gone through them,” she said. “We wanted to get that point across. You are not alone.”

Davis said during one part of the book, the authors compare parenting to being on an airplane.

“The stewardess tells you if the air mask releases, you have to put it on yourself before you help those around you,” she said. “It is the same with motherhood. If you are gasping for air, you are no help to anyone else.”

a1mommajumpEach person needs to realize they can put themselves first, Davis said. If each parent is able to take the time to take care of themselves, they will be more helpful to their family and friends.

While the title of the book is directed to moms, both parents could benefit from reading it, Davis said.

The advice is relevant for children of many ages, too, she said.

Davis said although children are key, it is important for parents to get time for themselves, too. In the book, the authors suggested some free and easy activities that would allow parents to take a break, she said.

“There are steps to help you find time for yourself,” she said. “If you are stress-free, you’re a better parent.”

While there are other parenting books out there, Davis said this book was a way to get all the information needed in one place.

Holleman-Perez described the book as a coffee table book, a resource guide for parents.

“You don’t have to read it chapter by chapter,” Holleman-Perez said. “When something comes up, you can just go to that subject.”

Davis lived in Othello throughout her childhood, was crowned the Othello Rodeo Queen in 1988 and graduated from OHS in 1990. She went to away for college but came back to Othello and lived here until she moved to Texas about seven years ago.

Holleman-Perez said her dad was a veterinarian in Othello during the ‘70s and ‘80s. She lived here through grade school and resides in Ellensburg with her family now.

Growing up with Davis, Holleman-Perez said, the two have several similarities in their background, but there are many differences, too. This means the advice in the book is varied and accessible for a much wider audience, she said.

While there are no specific plans for another book, Holleman-Perez said she and Davis have spoken about perhaps writing a second part of the book.

“You never know what we might come up with,” she said.

For more information, visit   – original post Othello Outlook

Co-Authors of The Momma Guide

“The Momma Guide”

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Review by ~The Mom Claire

“Momma” Where have You Been All My Life?!?!? I am a self help book junkie. I have every book on every topic you could possibly imagine, from conception to teenage years. If I have an issue I turn to a book because in that huge pile of books, the answer has to be somewhere, right??? The general consensus in all of those self help books is that you must be doing something wrong as a mother and your child is nuts. You have to read through chapters and chapters of nonsense until you come to this conclusion and then you feel just as helpless as you did before you even picked up the book. Does this sound like you?? If so then run, don’t walk, to get yourself a copy of The Momma Guide. Where has this book been all of my life?!?!?! I have never seen a book that covers everything, from conception to empty nesting. From what to cook for a holiday party to how to deal with your Teenager learning how to drive. This book is not only for birth mothers but for Step mothers, adoptive mothers, grandparents, fathers, caregivers, thinking about being mothers and everyone in between! This book is empowering and makes you feel like, Yes, you are a good parent and YES you can get through this!!! I love the inspirational quotes throughout the book and how the chapters are short, sweet and chock full of valuable information! Not only does it have a wealth of information on children but it has a wealth of information on things such as moving, saving money, and even starting your own business! The Momma Guide is truly a one stop book for everything you could possibly imagine! The only thing this book is missing is a “quick look up guide” in the back of the book but you can pretty much find what you are looking for in the “Contents” section in the front of the book. This past week my father went in for heart surgery and my husband had to go to the hospital for dangerously high blood pressure. I am a firm believer that you should always tell your children the truth when it comes to anything medical because they will feel less afraid if they know what to expect. None of the self help or child rearing books I have even touched the subject of heart issues but The Momma Guide devotes a full chapter to it. I was able to quickly read through the chapter (Chapter 18, Health Problems: The Heart) and explain to my 4 year old daughter just how the heart worked, what they were going to do to Daddy & Paw and what foods we are going to cook for them to help their hearts get healthy again. Then things got even cooler! I was able to then flip to Chapter 16 (Dealing with Stress, Anxiety & Depression) and get help for myself while dealing with all of these heart issues as well as know what to look out for with my dad & my husband. Just when you think, “WOW, this book really helped you through a rough patch” I yell, “Wait, there’s more!”. Not only was I able to look up information on the Heart, explain to my daughter what the heart does and what heart issues my father & husband were having, learn how to deal with my stress and anxiety over it, learn how to help them with their stress and anxiety, I was also able to turn to the Chapter on “Getting Fit” to help my husband loose the weight he needs to loose in order to bring his blood pressure down AND found some YUMMY recipes in the book to cook for these two men while they were recovering while all the wile using the inspirational sayings, reading the Chapter on making time for MOM and how to keep your child entertained for free. In one week time this one book answered all of my questions, gave me great advice and helped me through a difficult time. So I guess all that is left to say is… I am having a book sale, all of my self help books are for sale. I have no use for them now since I now have “The Momma Guide”. It really is a one stop shop for everything you could possibly imagine!!!! ** I received a copy of this book from one of the Authors for review. This is my own personal opinion of the book. **

The Momma Guide

The Momma Guide

Review by ~ Annie’s Home

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
The Momma Guide review

The momma guide for both mom and dads both is a guide book through several tips that may help make your trip as a parent easier. The author of The Momma Guide Traci Davis. Traci grew up on a farm in a time before the cell phones and video games. She grew up with a great sense of childhood. Now days Traci is a mommy, a rancher, business owner and worked as a first responder. With so many hats that Traci wore came skills, talents and knowledge that she would like to share.
Vicki Holleman Perez is the co-author of The Momma Guide. Vicki also grew up on a ranch and was a rodeo queen. Vicki is a mother of twins and has wore many hats being involved in various businesses and community positions.
The Momma Guide took a bit longer for Traci and Vicki to put together because they are moms. After all only moms who do what we do like playing outside with the kids, taking bike rides with the family or running moms cab around tab to take children where they need to go. Task that all great busy moms complete makes for great field work for the wonderful book Momma Guide.
There are 45 great chapters in The Momma Guide. Foruty Five great chapters that are packed full of tips for taking care of your children’s eating habits, your children’s needs as well as your own and as your kids get older there are even tips for that. Momma Guide is packed full of tips and tricks I am sure there is something that you have been looking for as well.
Posted by shopannies at

Traci Davis ~ The Go To Momma

Review by Hot deal Finder!

Traci Davis and Vicki Holleman-Perez have a hit! When I received The Momma Guide I started reading it expecting it to pertain mostly to moms with small children – Boy was I surprised!

This book covers an array of topics to make life easier, healthier and more organized! Excellent resource, not only moms, but for dads, grandparents, single men and women – practically everyone!

This book is more than a self-help guide – it is a desk reference for living a happier life! Highly recommended!

Get a copy for yourself by going to their website: posted at

The Momma Guide : Feature, Review and GiveawayNovember/15/2009 by ~ Mommy Perks

I recently met Traci Davis, co-author of “The Momma Guide,” through facebook (not through twitter! I know – shocking). She kindly mailed me a copy of her book to review. She has also offered to give one away!

*Simply comment below in order to enter – that’s it! One winner will be selected at after November 25th (if you can’t wait to see if you win it, you can purchase the book here!)

This giveaway is now CLOSED. Comment #1 was selected at Congrats to Michelle F! Thanks to everyone who entered in support of “The Momma Guide!”

The Momma Guide is packed with all kinds of parenting tidbits. On the inside jacket it states: “P.S. – Dads, you should read this too.” Love it

This book covers a wide range of topics including (but not limited to):

Mother’s Day
Balancing life, work and family
Breast VS Bottle
Going Green
Death & Divorce
An empty nest and MORE…
Chapter 42 offers an array of completely random tips. That cracked me up – some of them are quite funny. For instance, “Hairspray will remove blood and urine stains. Scrub with peroxide and cold water, then wash.” Okay – if hairspray contains ingredients that will rid a garment of blood or urine – what’s it doing to your HAIR? LOL (I don’t use hairspray…hmm. I’m glad for that now!)

When I was taking EDU courses, one of my teachers always had us read class related articles and books (yes, complete books). After each assignment she’d have us answer questions, offering insight about what we’d read. She called this “self refection” and insisted that it was the KEY to being a great teacher – the ability to act, look back and reflect. To make changes as needed and then to carry on, capable of learning from our mistakes and always believing that we could improve ourselves…and our methods. At first I thought it was nothing more than busy work. By the end of the semester, I realized I had learned more in her class than in ANY OTHER.

At the end of each chapter in “The Momma Guide” there is a little quiz/self reflection area. I would say this is my favorite aspect of the book. Reading is critical to being a great parent. The ability to reflect is what makes us even better.

Thanks, ladies! original post ~

Another Great Review from fellow author!!!

Being an author, I have rave reviews for The Momma Guide! I purchased a copy and what a surprise I got!

We all know what the PDR is, right? It is the Physician’s Desk Reference. Well, The Momma Guide is my MDG, (Momma’s Desk Reference.}

The book is also for the husbands and partners as well. It follows a child through its entire life, including before birth to adulthood. You don’t even need a child at home to practice some of the things you will find in this book.

I bought one for my niece and gave it to her in the delivery room! She steadily reads at least a chapter a day (hard to do with two young children.) She is constantly telling me how much she appreciates the gift.

Have you ever had problems with your teen? The book has many topics that will help you out. What about blended families? Most of us know how difficult that can be.

My husband has had six strokes, diabetes, heart failure, and a lot more. This book actually helped me be able to diagnose a stroke and get him to the hospital. It also covers heart disease, diabetes, hypoglycemia, transplants, and even more health issues. After reading this, you may even be able to save someone’s life!

The book breaks down the problems by each age bracket. It is written to be easily understood, so no excuses. It is on sale now at Amazon, so go get you a copy! You will not regret it!

Debbie Davis

Rossville, Georgia

The Momma Guide

The Momma Guide

The Momma Guide by Traci Davis and Vicki Holleman-Perez

Review of The Momma Guide by Jo Ann Hakola, The Book Faerie — original post at

If you’re going to be a new mother or are having some problems in deciding how to raise your children, this book is for you.

AuthorHouse publishes this book and it is available now for purchase.  The author’s graciously sent me a copy for review (thank you).  It’s 471 pages of practical advise for Mom’s (and Dad’s).

Both authors are mothers and the information presented in the book comes from their own experience.  Subtitle to the book is”  (P.S.- Dad’s you should read this too).

There are 44 chapters that cover raising a child from A-Z.  It doesn’t appear to me that they’ve missed anything!  One thing I really like about it is that most of it is done in short paragraphs, almost bullet like, that makes the information jump out at you and will be easy for you to remember.  There are even quizzes at the end of each chapter.  This book could even be used as a textbook in a parenting class.

I was very impressed by the amount of subjects covered and the very practical advice from these two mothers.  They cover the gamut of raising a child, including those who may have behavioral problems.

Ask for the book at your local bookstore.  I’m sure you’ll use this fantastic parent resource book often.

Happy reading.

Self help book for ALL parents

Parenting and more

Another Review For The Momma Guide ~ Self-Help Book For Parents!!

Katherine Thisneedstobesaid Waddell talk show host for “This Needs to be Said”

Ever wondered ‘WHY ISN’T THERE AN INSTRUCTION MANUAL WITH THESE KIDS’? This guide is a must have. Get a recipe for a meal from a mom who understands you’re busy. Real life issues from potty training to children exploring sex. Mom there is a part about you taking care of you, because without you there’s no way. These mom’s pull no punches! Go on and get your very own copy today!

“The Momma Guide”

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  • Anastacia Hauldridge

    What a wonderful gift from a wonderful momma! Thank you Traci for allowing me the honor of interviewing you on The Ahauldri Show and sending me a copy of The Momma Guide. It’s been a pleasure having you as a friend and I look forward to seeing more of your success story expand!

    Yours truly,
    Anastacia “Ace” Hauldridge
    Chief Presenting Officer/Host

    • tanyerhide

      Thanks so much ~ I hope you get much enjoyment from the book!!

    • tanyerhide

      I posted the Thank you video above!!!


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