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Burning body fat is different from losing body weight. Weight reduction is possibly caused by body water, muscle, and bone mass reduction. Showing improvement on the weighing scale doesn’t mean improvement on body fat level. Without knowing, you actually burned much needed body muscles and did not rid yourself of fats. In this case, you need to find the best solution to stop body fats from coming back. Losing muscle cells reduces the body’s capacity to burn calories, resulting to higher fat levels. So, during weight reduction, be careful not to burn muscles instead of body fats. There are plenty of weight loss programs that presents effective fat loss tips. These programs guarantee easy and fast results. Beware of such programs, because they are overlooking the dangers and bad side effects of rapid fat loss. Choose programs that offer safe and effective ways in losing fat. Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle – experts and professionals strongly suggest this, which is a best selling e-book on fat loss diet and nutrition.

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle is authored by the reputable bodybuilder Tom Venuto. Tom has impressive credentials for your reference. Tom has highly notable credentials that can be presented to you. He is working as a personal trainer, fitness model, coach, diet consultant, and most importantly, had a degree in Adult Health/Fitness . He had received and won numerous bodybuilding awards since the start of his training in 1983. He is of great knowledge and experience when it comes to weight loss and fitness.

He is highly acclaimed for his e-book Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, which had been proven effective by thousands of people. The same program helps him maintain his body fat level in the single digit all year round. The program was created for you to learn the best method to lose weight without the negative side effects of losing muscle mass, and without taking in drugs and supplements. With the market teeming with every possible offer, finding the right program is indeed like sifting gold from tons of sand. General sites like, provides you helpful information in choosing the fat loss program that best works for you. This sites give helpful tips and information provided by people who had tried products and services. Match up the book with other products, read the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Review. Be a wise customer, choose only the programs that works best.


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