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When was it? Would you tell the world?

Well The Virgin Diaries by Kimberley Johnson and Ann Werner, is a tell ALL! They interviewed 72 anonymous men and women about what it feels like emotionally as well as physically to have first time sex. There is no commentary. They created The Virgin Diaries as a resource for parents to open a healthy dialogue about sex as well as a source for virgins to make an informed decision. They have been surprised to find that men and women of the Baby Boomer generation are really connecting to the stories as well.

This book can be a huge help if you are looking for a way to “talk” to your teen! All Momma’s have to have the “talk” eventually! If you are having a hard time this book could help for sure!  The first time is special – be sure they know that!

Hundreds of years of collective experience answer the questions every virgin has.  THE VIRGIN DIARIES is a book about sex that really isn’t about sex at all. Rather, it’s about the feelings associated with that first time: wondering about it, worrying about it, the expectations, the surprises and the disappointments. Within these pages are the recollections of seventy-two people, young and old, gay and straight, who responded to the call for answers. This candid collection of stories provides a unique opportunity to be a fly on the wall. There is no commentary. The stories stand on their own, allowing the reader to form his or her own conclusions. Whether you are a virgin and desire to make an informed decision, a parent faced with “the talk” or are interested in reading detailed accounts of one of life’s most personal experiences, THE VIRGIN DIARIES offers confidential insights and illustrates the commonalities we all share: our hopes, dreams, fears and insecurities. It shows that we are all human and therefore, all connected.

Be sure to get your book Today!! The Virgin Diaries! 

Kimberley Johnson and Ann Werner did a great job of bringing the stories together.  This Momma recommends this book!!

By Traci Davis – Author of The Momma Guide!


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