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Let Tom share his successful horsemanship methods with you!!!

Would you like to gain your horses “respect” and be your horse’s “Leader” while building a true “relationship” with your horse? If your answer is yes to any or all of these, you need to attend or schedule a clinic or workshop with Tom Davis “The Horse’s Solution”

Tom Davis Horsemanship

Tom Davis Horsemanship

Tom Davis’s passion for horses has led him to a great lifestyle. Tom has hours and hours of hands on education with the best teachers of all, The Horse. Tom has worked managing ranches from Washington to Texas. With an extensive background with both cattle and horses, it makes Tom one of the top horse trainers available for hire. Tom’s quest for knowledge keeps him learning daily. Tom has had the pleasure riding with other top trainers from around the globe. Tom has also helped other horse lovers learn his quiet methods of horsemanship .

Tom has been blessed to show in the NCHA Cutting and SHOT working cow horse classes, and has started many horses of all disciplines including cutting, roping, racing, Dressage, Jumping, and Pleasure. Tom is top at overcoming problem issues related to training. Tom’s passion and desire is to teach you to have refinement in your riding and a confident, willing, partnership with your horse, no matter what discipline you ride.

Tom’s horses training began at a young age and has continued to grow his passion. Tom has been doing horsemanship clinics and demonstrations, to groups since 2006. Helping people show their horses versatility and train-ability. Tom teaches that you can have a partnership with your horse, while building trust and confidence in the horse. With this growing partnership you can have happier rides along the trail or in arena events. Tom does not believe in using pain, fear or intimidation.

Tom Davis Horsemanship

Tom Davis Horsemanship

Tom loves helping students achieve their highest level of success through horsemanship clinics, workshops, private and group lessons.Tom Davis can help you become a better rider no matter what discipline you prefer. You will learn the importance of being a good leader for your horse. You will gain an understanding of how horses think and will learn more about eliminating common behavioral problems.

Be sure to read more about Tom Davis and his methods at and to book a clinic, workshop or private lesson email or call Tom at 254-433-0805 or wife Traci at 254-433-0806  ~ We look forward to hearing from you!


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