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Total Law of Attraction!

TOTAL LAW OF ATTRACTION: A Direct And Practical Approach To Explaining The Inner Secrets Of The Mind To Help Anyone Attract Their Desires—–Dr. David Che The law of attraction is one of the most talked about topics in the area of self-improvement. In this recession, people are more interested than ever in learning how to use their mind to attract what they want in life. What exactly is the law of attraction? It is a universal law which is stated, ‘What we focus on, we attract toward ourselves.’ Or, another way to state it is, ‘What we spend our time and energy focusing on will eventually come to us.’ That of course, is a major oversimplification. Using the mind to attract what we want is nothing new. It is considered to have started with the release of the famous book,’The Science Of Getting Rich’ by Wallace Wattles in 1910. Since then, a multitude of books have been written teaching the law of attraction. The most well known is the book,’The Secret’ released in 2006, which was based on ‘The Science Of Getting Rich’. An excellent movie of ‘The Secret’ was subsequently released based on the book. While the movie was very good, the various teachers featured in it admitted that the information was incomplete. This resulted in many people being disappointed and confused with how to use the law of attraction to get what they wanted. It was necessary to go searching all over for additional information on this subject. For the average individual, this was not an easy task by any means. Dr. David Che has been fascinated with the law of attraction since he was a child. He has studied many good books on the law of attraction. But at the same time, he has also come across many books which are difficult to understand and apply practically, especially for the beginner. Using his simplistic approach to teaching the law of attraction to people, he was constantly asked, ‘Is there ONE book that could explain the most important concepts in a manner anyone would be able to understand and apply?’ His new book, Total Law Of Attraction is the answer. Inside Total Law Of Attraction , Dr. Che avoids the usual motivational approach and goes straight to the point. He explains how modern quantum physics is proving that our thoughts and especially our emotions, create our physical reality. Dr. Che goes in depth on the subject of the subconscious mind. This is of extreme fundamental importance to understanding the law of attraction, but it is amazing how often it is neglected. In his 1910, Wallace Wattles used a term called formless substance . Dr. Che fully explains in modern day terminology what exactly that substance is using quantum physics. Using the law of attraction to successfully attract our desires is a scientific process and requires one to understand many details for it to work properly. Dr. Che doesn’t leave anything out as he explains every small detail in the process in an easy to read, common sense style.

I have read many books of this style and I will have to say this is on of the best! Weather in business, family, or social the laws of attraction can and will help!! Positive thinking and belief can take you to the top! As a wife, momma and business women I do recommend this book to all for a great read! Buy it on Amazon today!  It was a pleasure to read and review this great book! Bring The Law of Attraction into your life! You will be glad did!

Review by The Go To Momma ~ Traci Davis ~ Author of The Momma Guide (Self-help book for all parents)


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