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Hawaiian Wildflower!

Looking for some mystery? Need to walk away from your life and escape to a good book! Hawaiian Wildflower should be that book you escape to.

A Hawaiian hula dancer may dazzle your eyes. She may sparkle in your memory. But she can’t shipwreck your life in Lubbock, Texas, thousands of miles away. Can she?

She might. If she follows you home. If she beckons to you like the Lorelei, luring you to your doom. If she is Maylea Kanaka, a world-class beauty, transplanted onto the flat, parched plains of West Texas as a delicate Hawaiian flower growing wild.

She might. If you are Dillon West, a trusting, middle-aged accountant. If she convinces you that she loves you. If you believe you can treasure and protect her forever.

When Dillon West abandons his marriage for Maylea Kanaka, he leaves the landscape of his world strewn with the shattered remains of a once-happy family: a brokenhearted wife, a disillusioned son, a guilt-laden mother-in-law, a vengeful sister-in-law.

And the cruel phoenix that rises out of the ashes of his life is Murder.

Hawaiian Wildflower” follows the action from Lubbock, Texas, to Oahu, Hawaii, and back to the mainland. You are invited along on a trip that reveals the secrets of a Hawaiian wildflower named Maylea Kanaka.

Betty Johansen does a great job with this mystery. Great book to read and enjoy! You can get this great book on Amazon – see for yourself how great this mystery can be!

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