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Silver towel

The SilverSport Silver Towel™ provides an extra layer of protection against odor- causing bacteria that other fitness towels just can’t be beat. Thanks to revolutionary new Terra Silver™ technology that utilizes antimicrobial silver, the Silver Towel keeps your workouts cleaner than ever by eliminating odor-causing bacteria in your towel.

Made out of super soft and highly absorbent viscose bamboo (a sustainable materials), the Silver Towel is bound to become your favorite. The towel can be washed and dried along with your other linens, and the Terra Silver protection will not fade over time. Like all of the products brought to you by SilverSport, the Silver Towel is made in the USA.

The Silver Towel is available in two sizes – 20” x 30” for sweat management while working out and 20” x 60” for heavy duty drying.

Terra Silver is a new breakthrough technology that utilizes nanosilver particles – silver is nature’s defense against bacteria. The nanosilver acts as a natural antimicrobial agent, delivering superior protection against odor-causing bacteria.

The nanosilver particles incorporated into all SilverSport products are activated by moisture, such as sweat or water. Once activated, the product begins releasing silver ions, which immediately start eliminating odor-causing bacteria on contact.

These ions create what we call a Silver Clean Zone™ – an area of protection in your home, at the gym, or wherever you choose to work out. Trust SilverSport to keep your workout clean.

I was given the chance to review this towel – wow!! I like it!! I have gotten it wet and laid it in a corner to see what would happen – when I picked it up the next morning it was dry and no bad smell – AMAZING!! A “regular” towel would be putting off an awful odor! But not the silver towel! Also I have used it after showering and it soaks up a lot of water, and is light weight for wrapping around head!  Be sure to check out this towel you will be glad you did!!

Review by Traci Davis – The go to Momma! If you have a product to review please let us know!!


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