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Why Don’t You Understand!

You already know men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Yet, knowing this doesn’t prevent you and your partner from hurting each other with your miscommunication.Anger and relationship problems can arise from gender communication differences.More than 60% of relationship problems and gender issues result from gender communication differences (couples not understanding each other’s language.)

This book, the¬†world’s first gender relationship dictionary, translates more than 70 words and phrases you regularly use that have very different meanings for your partner due to those gender communication differences. Understanding the real meaning of these words, as used in Male-ese and Female-ese, will rescue you and your partner from frustrating bickering and painful arguments. At last your good intentions will be heard!

If you are having issues with marriage this is the book! Communication is the key to marriage! Wow is it ever!! All marriages have issues from time to time some survive and others do not! We all want them to survive! If you need a little help and but don not have the cash for professional help this book is a good place to turn! Be sure to check out Dr. Karen Gail Lewis‘ site for more info. This book is a fast read and easy to follow!

Review by Traci Davis – Author of The Momma Guide




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