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Positive Portions…

We could all use this book.  

Just like our Team TKD — we love fitness and this book can help keep you running like we do and becoming a positive light in your own life and those around you. Team TKD loves anything that gets people moving! Especially momma’s!! Positive Portions can help you get that boost and motivation. Momma’s lives are hectic and I know what you are thinking, now I have to keep track of what I eat and the activity’s I do!! Yes you do!! To help you along your journey and keep going then you do! You will be glad you did!!

Like I tell friends all the time, that say I do not have time, well you do not have time not to. This is your health and you need to keep it in check. Proper diet and exercise WILL HELP YOU! You will have more energy thru your day when you start it right. Being over weight and poor diet can cause fatigue, stress and more. Eating right and exercise will give you energy and stamina! Write it down and stick with it you will be glad you did!

Be sure to go to Shannon’s website, she has a great book that will help you with your goals! Be sure to read her story it is great!!

By Traci Davis



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