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So if you are in business and need to be able to take credit cards
every now and then but do not want the fee’s of having a full time
merchant account ~ you can get creative!! They have merchant account
programs that you can share with a group or friend in business also
they have account options that you can put your account on a dormate
account where you will pay a very small monthly fee ~ as low as $9.99
for some and you can still use the account ad before ~ of course each
transaction will be higher but if you use it for small transactions or
even large from time to time you save money! If you are unable to get
a merchant account and are selling more close and personal items like
horses or dogs for example a great option is to have the buyer go to
Walmart (or other store) and use their credit card to buy gift card(s)
in the amount owed. This is great because there is mo fees to you or
to the buyer and you got paid and buyer was able to put it on credit.
Walmart is a great choice because most of us shop there and you can
use it for food, clothing, or gas (and with the card you save .03 on
gas per gal) it all adds up! Try it next time! Hope this can help you!


Posted January 1, 2010 by Traci Davis in Business


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