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Being an author, I have rave reviews for The Momma Guide! I purchased a copy and what a surprise I got!

We all know what the PDR is, right? It is the Physician’s Desk Reference. Well, The Momma Guide is my MDG, (Momma’s Desk Reference.}

The book is also for the husbands and partners as well. It follows a child through its entire life, including before birth to adulthood. You don’t even need a child at home to practice some of the things you will find in this book.

I bought one for my niece and gave it to her in the delivery room! She steadily reads at least a chapter a day (hard to do with two young children.) She is constantly telling me how much she appreciates the gift.

Have you ever had problems with your teen? The book has many topics that will help you out. What about blended families? Most of us know how difficult that can be.

My husband has had six strokes, diabetes, heart failure, and a lot more. This book actually helped me be able to diagnose a stroke and get him to the hospital. It also covers heart disease, diabetes, hypoglycemia, transplants, and even more health issues. After reading this, you may even be able to save someone’s life!

The book breaks down the problems by each age bracket. It is written to be easily understood, so no excuses. It is on sale now at Amazon, so go get you a copy! You will not regret it!

Debbie Davis

Rossville, Georgia


Posted November 17, 2009 by Traci Davis in The Momma Guide

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