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FireFly Race — We raced the night and won!!

The Firefly race in Plano, TX was the current adventure for Team TKD June, 4th 2011 – running in this 10K race was Traci Davis, Kasey Ables,  Shannon Sweatt and Darnelle Peterson. This race was a great and fun race. The run started at 9pm and was all in the dark all the runners had glow sticks, flashlights, blinking lights and glow paint, anything to make them stand out. This race was to benefit the  Children’s Medical Center! Team TKD was very bright and lite up!! We had a great photographer Marc Friedland withus to capture some wonderful shots! Marc was a pleasure to have along with the team. Of course our sponsors New Life Style Diet Scout and Zoe and Sunsua.  Their websites on our shirts helped us glow thru the race! Be sure to check them all out and also stay tuned for deals from some of them.  Be sure to thank them for all the great support they give us!



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