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Ten time-saving tips to make your life as a busy mom easier!

Wow making life easier for moms – that is a big task! But it can be done! and Momma you deserve it. The easy life for moms is the place to be!

We all want it, to save time to be able to spend more quality time with the family.

1. The number one rule of saving time is to SAY NO!! I know that is a hard thing for us to do but it can be done! Practice with me NO NO NO!! See how easy that was! Now that you said NO you are free to even save more time.

2. Meals, I know we have all been there and looking in the fridge or cupboard at 6pm asking your self what is for dinner? The crockpot is a momma’s best friend and I mean best friend. Think about it you are working all day and come home to that great smell of dinners done!!

3. The kids can help and it is good for them. I know I know they do not do it like you want all the time but is that really the end of the world? NOPE it is not. You will live if one corner of the floor got missed in the sweeping or if a pair of socks were put into the wrong drawer. At least it is not staring you in the face making you feel guilty!

4. My favorite time savers oh and this one saves money too! LEAVE THE KIDS AT HOME OR WITH A FRIEND OR DAD– while you go grocery shopping. Wow even some time to “mom” and you will not be hounded the whole time can we, can we, can we!! So that will save money and time.  You might even enjoy that shopping trip!!

5. This tip kind of goes along with the 4th tip — help a friend — so if you drop your kids with her to go to the store – let her drop her kids with you while she goes. Your kids will have a play date and be entertained while you are able to “get something done” You can use this time read sit and read – catch up on emails, drink a * coffee * LOL or anything your heart desires.  Of course with younger kids this can be a little harder but you can still have a little mom time while they nap!!

6. Shop online — this is a BIG time saver. While you are browsing on the computer you can stop by a few local or even national stores and site and have items shipped right to you – save fuel and driving to town.  Also you can do online banking and bill pay while you are at it so you know who much money is left to spend!

7. Get your sleep – I know you think this one is crazy, but sleep is important and we all need 6 to 8 hours! By getting enough sleep we will have the energy to get thru the day and end up being  more productive and you will save time.

8. Make time to exercise! Yes I know so many of you hate that word BUT – you will gain energy and stamina from a daily workout and yes you have time now — ir did you forget to read the tips above!! Even 20 mins will help improve energy levels and also will help you sleep more peaceful!

9. Declutter that house! Yes I know that takes time BUT if you take that time now you will save time in the end. Deal with the mail as it comes in if it is garbage through it away now – do not stack it to do later. If you are not using something and find yourself tripping over it all the time get rid of it. When you declutter you will free your a lot of time and worry – you will be amazed how free you feel!!

10. Scheduling – make sure you know where everyone will be all week talk as a family on Sunday evening about the weeks schedule.  If you have a smart phone be sure to put all activities in the calender with reminders to help you be were you need to be.  You can keep everything and everyone moving smoothly in the right direction

I know it was 10 tips but always take a break during the day and take a deep breath and say thanks for all you have and just take mom minute! it is important for sure because you are important!

By Traci Davis

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