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12A Sunday, June 26, 2011


Not everyone likes to exercise.

But Brock’s Traci Davis, along with several of her friends, has found a way to make the absolute most of it.

Back in 2009, Davis had just accomplished a big weight loss and was looking for a fun way to keep the pounds off.

“I had lost quite a bit of weight and wanted to do something to make it kind of fun after losing,” Davis said.

Soon after, Davis and her friend, Kasey Ables, of Goldthwaite, found out about the Muddy Buddy Dallas race, a running and biking competition through mud pits.

“I thought it sounded like fun, so I asked [Ables] to join me,” Davis said. “Then we thought it would be even more fun with more people, and we got two more people to do it right away.” 

Together, Davis and Ables united with Darnelle Peterson, of Goldthwaite, and later Shannon Sweatt, of Millsap, to form Team TKD.

“We have grown so much closer and have a bond that is amazing,” Davis said. “We are able to go through the ups and downs of training with each other.”

Along with friendship, the group strives to keep teamwork at the forefront as well.

“We always start as a team,” Davis said. “We never leave each other and we always try to make sure that we cross that finish line together.”

Though kids, husbands and other obstacles have made time management difficult, the group has still managed to get in several races.

TKD’s most recent competition was the Firefly race in Plano earlier this month, where teams raced through the night carrying glow sticks, flashlights, blinking lights, glow paint and anything else to make them stand out in the dark. The race, like so many others the team participates in, benefited a charity in the Dallas Children’s Medical Center.

“We do it to give back,” Davis said of their motivation to continue competing. “We love to be a part of it and bring awareness to cancer, the children’s hospital, Wounded Warriors, Young Military and so many others.”

That awareness goes both ways as the team picks up sponsors for various events to help pay their entry fees and even get free products.

“We all try to dress the same, to be a team, and that gets us noticed, which makes it fun for our sponsors because they get noticed, too,” Davis said.

From time to time, because of conflicting schedules, others will fill in to compete including Kristen Harris, Shay Martin and Brandi Rountree.

Whether moms or brides to be, the team has plans to keep moving forward with their goals.

They plan to enter this year’s Peach Pedal Bike Ride July 9, a multi-route bike ride hosted by Weatherford Chamber of Commerce and the Weatherford College Foundation.

“I’m actually pregnant right now, but I’m going to try and keep doing as many events and I can,” Davis said. “We plan to do the Peach Pedal race, and I want to continue to bike the whole time.”




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