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Forty-year old Rita Callado found her job as parent leader of the Pantawid Pamilya Program rewarding although sometimes, she said, it demands lots of patience.

Callado is one of the two parent leaders elected by some 51 members of the Philippine government Pantawid Pamilya program beneficiaries in San Jose, Arevalo, Iloilo City. Part of her task is to see to it that her fellow beneficiaries comply with the programs conditions so that they will continue to avail of the cash grant that comes with the program.

We help in seeing to it that our fellow beneficiaries follow the conditions of the programs and if there are problems we visit them in their homes to follow up… Sometimes it would require a great deal of patience just to explain to them the need to comply with the conditions and how these could benefit their respective families considering some of them are uneducated, said Callado.

However, she said the impact of the program on their lives inspires her to perform the task entrusted to her by her fellow beneficiaries and adding, through this responsibility, in my own little way, I can help the government in its effort to make life easier for me and my fellow poor beneficiaries.

Callado, who uses an artificial leg to compensate for her inborn orthopedic handicap in her left leg, is a single parent to four children. The cash grant she receives from the program is a big help to her salary as an employee of the city government where she is detailed at the Office of Person with Disability Affairs.

When the program was launched in 2008, two of Collados children, her second and third, qualified for the program as his eldest was already 15 years old at that time who is above 14, the eligible age for the program.

Personally, Callado said she had benefited from the program as she participated in capacity building trainings that were conducted for parent leaders that educated her for the challenges the she may face in the implementation of the program.

She also mentioned the impact of the program on the health of the beneficiaries as parents now bring their children to health centers for deworming, vaccination and check-ups.

Children are now taking vitamins unlike before when poor parents were so busy in looking for means to earn to have money and they do not have the time to bring their children to health centers, said Callado.
For the first time, Callado said some parent beneficiaries, especially fathers, have been able to attend family development or parenting education sessions that are conducted through the program.

Under the scheme, household beneficiaries receive P500 monthly for health and nutrition expenses and P300 monthly per child ages 14 years old and below, to a maximum of three children, for educational expenses as long as they comply with the conditions of the program that include availing of health services for their children, pre and post natal care for pregnant household member, sending their children to school with the latter attended at least 85 percent of the classes, and attending family development sessions.

As of date, according to Marlon Martinez, city government link for Pantawid Pamilya, there are around 7,676 household beneficiaries in some 101 barangays in Iloilo City.

The program is not a dole-out as what others think. We have rules to meet before we are given of the cash grant, said Callado. Callado said she is hoping when the program terminates she and the other beneficiaries are already economically active and ready for other government interventions such as those intended to give them access to livelihood opportunities that will further improve their living conditions. (JCM LAF PIA-Iloilo).

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