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Have you recently lost weight or working on it? All the weight is gone so now to firm up that skin.
After you have lost a lot of weight, you will undoubtedly have stretch marks and loose skin. You can use your scales or see how your clothes feel.

Benefits of removing sagging skin are fewer wrinkles, smoother skin, healthier appearance, and radiant look.
Steps you can take to help!
Improve Your Diet (hopefully you are already doing this as part of the weight loss process)
Eat more fruits, vegetables, plant foods, and water!
Reduce/Eliminate Exposure to toxins, sunlight, toxic air and water, and don’t smoke. Things good for you:
 Fish oil omega3,
 vitamin C
 Fruits, veggies, and water
 Limit UV ray exposure
 A good multivitamin
 No drugstore synthetic moisturizer
 Sea kelp
 A cream that contains keratin
 Hyper-allergic products
Of course, you can have surgery and I’m not that fond of being put under the knife! Also recovery time can be long and it can leave scars that might be worse then the skin and stretch marks.
Body Wraps
Body wraps are 100% organic products and help many lose skin problems:
• Belly Fat Loss
• Skin Tightening
• Inch Loss Quickly
• Improved Skin Firming (tighten skin)
• Double Chin Reduction
• Cellulite Reduction
• Breast Firming Masks
• Facial Firming Masks
• Neck Skin Firming
• Works great on fatty deposits
Stretch Marks
These are a form of off-color scaring on your skin. They are caused by tearing the skin, and can diminish the scaring. It won’t make them complete disappear though.
In most cases, these are caused by pregnancy. There are other things as well; puberty, muscle building, gaining weight and losing it, and rapid muscle growth.
Creams and lotions will most likely not help. Retin-A and microdermabrasion may help them be less noticeable.

By doing a salt type scrub a few days a week you will be making the skin start to repair itself be sure to lotion to help it heal!

Also some clinics offer laser treatments that do help with several treatments but can be very costly!

All this can help but with time and keeping the weight off for an extended amount of time the skin will bounce back!!
Written by Traci Davis owner of Tan Yer Hide & Tone it Too! and co-author of The Momma Guide!


Posted February 23, 2010 by Traci Davis in Fitness, The Momma Guide


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