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Product Features and Technical Particulars
Product Features

Exclusive Amazon eco-packed Sennheiser ear canal headphones
Ideal for all MP3, CD, DVD, MD players and portable game systems with 3.5 mm headphone sockets
Powerful, bass-driven stereo sound and excellent attenuation of ambient noise
Various size ear adapters are included to ensure perfect fit
Manufacturer’s 2-Year guarantee

Technical Facts
Frequency response: 18Hz – 21kHz
Cable length: Asymmetrical, L: 170 mm: R: 510 mm, (85 cm divider to position)
Impedance: 16 Ohm
Sound pressure level (SPL): 112 dB (1 kHz, 1 Vrms)
Jack plug: 3,5 mm stereo (angled)
Ear coupling: intraaural (ear canal fit)
Transducer principle: effective

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Manufacturer’s Description
Sennheiser Eco Ear Canal Headphones
The CX300 just got more appropriately. Via an exclusive collaboration between Sennheiser and Amazon Europe this number one product is already shipping in totally eco-friendly packaging as a tribute by both companies into the pioneering work being done across the whole world on alerting the modern world to the effects of the climate crisis along with the needless continued destruction individuals beautiful planet. Now you hold the opportunity to support a great departure from traditional packaging methods whilst also cashing in on an entire upgrade in the listening experience. Love your music and Love your planet.
Box Contents

1 CX 300 Eco Black ear-canal headphones
1 Ear adapter set (S/M/L)


I even have avoided the ear canal type headphones forever but after my latest headphones broke I looked around and seen that many companies are concentrating on the ear canal types so chose to provide thema go.
After being a happy Sennheiser customer over the years I decided to go together with the CX300’supon reviewing other customer reviews. Iensured i always bought from Amazon’s main store as opposed to the cheap marketplace versions we have tried some fake CX300’s off Ebay and they’re awful.
The most beneficial tip I could truthfully give will be to find the best fitting of a typical three supplied ear pads and also to ensure that the headphones are securely within yourears. I went of the medium ones firstly but found they were popping out of my ears in the slightest pull around the cable. The larger ones were fine, making the phones holiday my ears also providing of no sound escaping. It is essential to push the headphones right into your ears as the bass tends to function asthing that suffers whenever the phones are not pushed in well.
If you are not used to these kind of headphones then beware that just like right in your ears you are able to hear things that you would possibly not normally hear with headphones For anybody who is walking and listening it is possible to hear every footstep reverberating at your body! Furthermore, if you are eating you could hear every sound from inside your mouth very clearly! It’s weird but part and parcel of using these type of headphones I’m afraid!
As soon as the headphones are fitted well the quality of sound is very rewarding with great bass, excellent bright treble and the biggest bonususually was hearing midrange sounds of things like guitars and keyboards and that is that you truly hear areas of the music you ll have never heard before. Some people might claim thatthe sound is bordering on harsh but I think it’s exciting and involving.
I’ve also tried some Sony MDR-EX71SLB headphones that your particular friend owned, which were great but gave a more warm and subtle sound and that could be more to some people’s taste. A method in which the CX300’s are better as opposed to the Sonys are according to thevolume levels because the output is wayhigher. Consequently you do not have be required to pumpyour volume control so much and utilize more battery power.
Lastly the cable length of 1.2 metres is fantastic for me after owning Sennheisers with 1.0 metre lengthswhich is too short


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