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We can all use a lesson!

Lost Lessons from Life on the Farm pays tribute to farm and ranch life and the invaluable life lessons and skills that we learned growing up. Hard work, responsibility, being content with little, caring for animals, helping others in need, saving and planning for the future and many other great lessons were learned naturally by growing up on a farm. These lessons are shared within the context of eighteen heartwarming stories from contributors who all write with their own unique voice and style. From stories about caring for animals, growing crops, tearing down barns, fixing tractors, training horses, raising cattle or milking cows, you will laugh cry and reflect upon the difficulties and joys that farm life brought to us. Whether you are raising your family on a farm, ranch, suburb or in the city, you will learn and appreciate the lost lessons shared and will want to teach these valuable life skill lessons to your children and grandchildren.

The chapter I (Traci Davis) wrote is on Pages 123-130 by Traci Davis!! Book is called Lost Lessons from life on the farm!! The book retails for $12.95 Can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and more. To buy the book presale — go to paypal and send $10 per book to  (presale books should be sent out by Mid Nov 2011)

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being able to sell (broker) horses for other people, this gives me the time
to help Tom with his horsemanship clinics which is gives us both the chance
to help others. We do live a blessed life and love it. It was not east but
it is all worth it. Please keep up with us on our website  Best to all of you!!

You will enjoy the great stories throughout this book! Get yours today!!


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