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Round 1 Complete!

Now onto round 2 in Cheap Sally Bring home the bacon!! Thanks for all the votes and support! Please be sure to vote in round 2!!  Click HERE TO VOTE!!

Initial voting for Round Two will start on November 1st. Round 2 will end at 11:59.59 Eastern Time on November 30th. At that time, the top vote getter in each state will move on to the skill based competition. At this point, each remaining contestant will have a 1 in 50 chance of Bringing Home the Bacon!

Round 2 will be very competitive as each of you will be competing with just 4 other contestants from your state for entry into the final round. Be sure to utilize all resources available to get votes! Don’t forget that on Black Friday and Cyber Monday each vote will count as 2 votes.

Remember that people may only vote 1 time per day. Thanks for helping me win a job that will pay me $100,000 Woohoo!!

Contest for extreme coupon users and discount finders!


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