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March 28, 2012

There are very few horse trainers who work in the same style as the acclaimed “Horse Whisperer”, Buck Brannaman, who not only inspired the movie “The Horse Whisperer”, but also appeared in the eponymous documentary “Buck”. The documentary also featured Robert Redford who had played the “Buck” character in the film. One cowboy and horse trainer known for his affinity in training horses and working with troubled horses, in a similar style to Buck Brannaman, is Tom Davis. Tom Davis not only offers horsemanship clinics and starts out young horses to fulfill their working career on ranches or other facilities, but also Tom works with “troubled” horses just like the Horse Whisperer does and helps these horses overcome their issues. Tom offers horsemanship clinics at his own TnT Ranch and will also travel to other ranches or horse facilities. There are still working cowboys in America, primarily on cattle ranches, and young horses need proper training to develop the close horse – rider relationship necessary to work long hours and perform the duties that are expected of a working horse and cowboy. Tom Davis has the patience it takes to be an elite horse trainer and the gift of being able to read the body language of a horse and draw out the qualities in young horses to make them ranch ‘n’ rider ready.


Horse Trainer

TnT Ranch also features Texas horses for sale that Tom’s wife Traci personally brokers or owns. Traci only sells horse she knows so that she can accurately represent them. These horses are ready to roll out on your trailer to your own ranch or facility.

Check out the type of horsemanship clinic you might need at or horses for sale at or check out the TnT Ranch Facebook page.


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