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New Lifestyle Diet is great

Wow I am so excited — people noticed this week. You know your diet is working when people notice. So this week I am down 5 more pound and 4.5 more inches. So that is a total of 12 pounds and 13 inches! I am so excited. Having lost this weight before and then getting pregnant and gaining as much with my third pregnancy as I did with the first 2 combined. Even being active (you have to love age) I gained with baby. I am excited to start week three on New LifeStyle, I will be bumping up my workouts, only being able to exercise a few days the last 2 weeks – do to life (which is no excuse) but doing home improvements I have been on the move. workout, training, abs, stomach, exercise, diet, it works, body wrap, diet, lifestyle, elliptical, team tkd, momma fitness

But this week I will be breaking in the new elliptical and next week loss will be great with the help of New LifeStyle Diet. Which by the way taste great. I have a hard time deciding which great flavors to go with for the day. The bars for lunch are my favorite. Of course, who doesn’t want to be able to eat chocolate all the time!! Yumm.

Be sure to get started on your New life today!!


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