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Smaller jeans!

Wow I love my jeans! After having baby that is the best part is wearing regular clothes again but when the pre-pregnancy jeans do not fit, it stinks!! I was so ready to wear my old jeans but I did not pop back like I had planned. Being 40 and having a baby, was a little tougher then I thought! But here I am 4 months postpartum and 3 weeks into my New LifeStyle Diet I am down 2 jean sizes, 16 lbs and 17 and a quarter inches off my body! New LifeStyle Diet, weight, diet, loss, jeans, smaller,

Even if the scale never moves (which of course I want it too) my main goal is smaller size and batter health! I love the results I am getting. I am really hoping to be down one more pant size soon.

One of my favorite things about New LifeStyle Diet is how full and satisfied I feel. The food is great and very satisfying. I am so excited to see the next smaller jeans slip over my hips!!

What are you waiting for go to New LifeStyle Diet site and order this program you will be glad you did!!


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