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New LifeStyle Diet

Well this weeks loss was a little lighter. But it was at least a loss. 2 pounds down and another 5 and a quarter inches. Love the inch loss for sure. It is funny I feel like the biggest looser with my weekly weigh ins and such. But I am just working against myself! I can call or email my personal coach at New LifeStyle Diets which is nice to have someone to help you along the way when you need some support. 

Other people have noticed my weight loss and that is one of the best things that can happen when you are trying to lose weight. 4 weeks in is all and still going. I know this next week will be a great week. I am not hungry which helps a lot! 

The best thing is when people notice for sure – even when that scale doesn’t budge when someone tells you how great you look that is the best thing that can happen to boost you and keep you going. The picture here shows 5 different women all weighing 150 lbs – the scale is so different for each of us. 150 pounds, lbs, women, weight loss, diet, new life, new lifestyle, loss, eating, right

If you are on the weight loss journey be sure to try New LifeStyle Diet and keep in mind the inch loss and the mirror. The mirror is one of the best judges – when you walk by and it smiles at you, you know you are doing good! 


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