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Funny that you ask!!

I get asked for kids horses all the time! I go thru a line of questions – do you (the parent) have knowledge of horses or experience? How much experience? How old is your kid? Have they ridden? Depending on the answers we go from there!

Not all horses are kids horse even when they get older that won’t be a kids horse. Some horses are just way to much horse for kids.

Kids have no fear! This is not a good combo with some horses. With the lack of fear kids can get in a bind with a horse and not have the know how to get them out.

Here is a big pet peeve of mine – just because a horse is cheap does NOT make it a kids horse! A good true kids horse is worth a lot! I tell people all the time “A GOOD horse is ALWAYS cheaper than an ER bill” ALWAYS!!

A good kids horse will move out for the child when asked and the child will not have to fight  kids horse, bomb proof, bombproof, peppy, family, buying, selling, children, buyer, free, cheap, old horse, young horse with them. The best kids horse is one a child can ride and the parent can also go do a good days work on. But one like that will really cost you.

The saying never look a free horse in the mouth — well a free horse might not always be the best bet for your child either – Free always comes with a cost. Buyer beware on free!! There are circumstances, where there is health issues (family or horse), divorce, moving where people need to sell a horse quick – but if is a good horse it still has a value and can be sold not just given away.

Yes you might find a good one for cheap from time to time but not always. One of the biggest rules when you are looking for a horse for your child is “Green plus Green equals Black and Blue” The term green in case you are not aware of the term is not much training. IE: the child has not ridden or had lessons and the horse is young and has not been ridden much at all. Yes from time to time a young horse will show potential of being a nice quiet easy going horse but they are still an animal and they still have a brain of their own and they do use it and in the right situation your “kids horse” can have a bad day and show a different side of them.

Buying a 2 year old for your 2 year old is NOT a good choice. They do not need to grow up together to bond.   The horse is 2 and needs a fair start in life and at 2 years old a horse should be put into training and the right foundation put in front of them. A person who does not know much about a horse in the first place can cause a horse to be pushy and aggressive – just by not knowing the proper discipline to instill in the animal. A child of 2 is still learning balance and needs a horse that will help then find that balance, if paired with a 2 year old horse that is learning where to place feet and pack a rider you are asking for problems. – Yes I am sure you are thinking well I want them to be around each other and get to know each other as they learn together — does that really work? Not really do you leave your 2 year old child with another 2 year old child to teach each other NO!! Even if you buy a 2 year old and send for training there is no promise that the horse will be a good fit.

Buying a seasoned horse that has some age and experience is such a better way to go — oh I have heard it all — I don’t want to get a 20 year old horse cause they will die in a few years and my kid will be attached and we will have to deal with that — well maybe I am harsh but death is part of life and it happens and a 2 year old can die just as easy as a 20 year old. Also on the note of 20 year old horses — they are not that old — we in this day and age do not “use” our horses like grandpa did. Yes they get used but not hours and hours each day pulling a plow so horses do live well into their 30’s and beyond now.

Scamper (ex-barrel horse of Charmayne James – PRCA world champ) just died at age 35 – yes he was used but not over used. He was taken care of. With the proper care and supplements horses will last a long time. I sell several aged horses each month that go on to make great horses for families and more.

There are younger horses from 5 and up that have had the right start that can work very well for kids – each kid is going to have a different need then the next for sure. But not all 5 year olds will make a good kids horse, so keep that in mind when shopping.

Also keep in mind when searching for the right horse for your family there is no such thing as a BOMB-PROOF horse. They are animals and anything can happen. They are not babysitters and you need to supervised your children when riding. Be sure to get them proper lessons to give them the correct skills to get the right start in their horse adventure.

Happy horse hunting.   Traci Davis – www.Cowboy4Sale.com

If you are looking to buy or sell feel free to contact me.


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