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These stall mats are the best

Wow when we started the hunt for stall mats we were over whelmed – there is so many out there. With much research we decided we wanted inter locking mats for sure – we have had the other type and you end up with them sliding and bunching up (that is no fun) So we went with Animat.

These mats have been in our stalls for 3 months now – which maybe doesn’t seem that long but a couple of the horses have never been stalled and like to paw and also are nervous so they relieve themselves more then normal and I will say that wow – they still look new!

The added benefit of them is we seem to use less shavings then any other mats we have used. The  mats, flooring, stalls, animats, cananda, animat, texas, barn,  horse stalls, panels, weatherford, texas, ncha, aqha, preifert, powder river, teskeys, horses, barn, trainer, professional, fabrication, metal, rubber, recycled, floor, rubber, shavings, pinesoftness and cushion of the mats help to reduce the need for having to use more shavings to help give a comfortable surface. The mats do their job and do it well.   Below is more info from Animat site.

Horse stall mats

Animat has been designing and manufacturing rubber flooring for over 25 years. Over the years, Animat has developed rubber mats for horses whose exclusive design and properties meet the specific requirements of the horse breeders’ modern facilities. These rubber mats for stables are long-lasting and recognized for their design quality and comfort.

The rubber flooring system generates no dust and requires no special maintenance.  Your horses will get the best traction possible on our stall mats, ensuring their confidence and ease of movement.


More Comfort

The flat, non-slip, shock-absorbent surface (even when wet) provides better traction and ease of movement for your horses, thereby reducing the stress related to frequently moving around.

More Safety

The use of rubber flooring significantly reduces the number of falls and practically eliminates serious injuries.

Better Hygiene

Being non-porous and made of 100% recycled rubber, stall mats are easy to clean and disinfect for a healthier work and breeding environment. Unlike concrete, asphalt, bare earth and wood shavings, they don’t absorb fluids or promote the development of bacteria.

Equine rubber flooring represents the perfect solution for:

  • Stalls and boxes
  • Horse walkways (Horse walker)
  • Exercise areas and arenas
  • Carrousel
  • Shower rooms
  • Special mats

Animat currently offers two floor coverings for equine applications:


If you are looking for a way to cut cost on shavings and help your barn look and feel great at the same time. Look no farther!!

We have mats in our barn in Weatherford, TX and love them Tom & Traci Davis — TnT Ranch



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