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You know it is good if …

If the kids and husband will eat it too!! Well the Crispy Cinnamon Bar is a hit at our house – They are one of my favorite and I leave a few in the car to have handy (these ones do not melt in the Texas heat). The other day we were out longer then planned so I pulled them out for the family and Husband, baby and kids all liked them – they even wanted more LOL — That is whatnew lifestyle diet, diet, new life style, food, hunger, discount, eating, weight loss, lose, pounds, tomtra,, I love about New LifeStyle Diet is the great taste for sure and the great results. I am still fighting some toxin issues but I am loosing a little not as much as I would like but at least I am not gaining!!

Be sure to check out the Crispy Cinnamon bars today!!


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