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Happiest Race little run

This race was a lot of fun. Great run just to do for fun! No pressure of speed and finish time! Just enjoy the weather and relax as you run in a large crowd! The run was well done and lots ofnew lifestyle diet, diet, new life style, food, hunger, discount, eating, weight loss, lose, pounds, tomtra,,, Color Run Dallas, running, color, run, dallas color!! Team TKD consisted of Traci Davis, Laurel Cronin-Davis, Lacee Olsen and Suzi Whitman.  The Color run was a lot of fun, and we all started out white and clean and ended with sprays of color all over us! This run was in Dallas, TX Fair Park 4-6-13. Thanks so much to our sponsor – Please check them out!! We love New Lifestyle Diet – great protein meals and diet plan and more. Was great to be part of helping the American Heart Association!!


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