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Have you fallen off the diet wagon?

Well I fell off the diet wagon and it drug me down the road! Now I have a rash LOL. Since having the baby I have been up and down on the weight loss ride. I do well for a bit and then I get worn down and it gets me down. I got a point I was not losing any weight but at least I wasn’t gaining either – so I got the thyroid back working better for sure. I am down to just nursing baby at night so that helps too!Falling off the diet wagon So now it is full steam ahead and I have been good the last 10 days! I have been eating my New LifeStyle Diet pudding and drinking my shakes daily and the weight has been coming off. Of course it never seems to leave as fast as we want it to but it is coming off and that is what counts. So I am down 4.5 lbs in 10 day and I am happy with that and I feel better too! With the summer heat and humidity of Texas that will help melt it off even faster!! So I am climbing back on the wagon and dusting myself off to make a better run!! Who is with me?


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