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Good show

To take any horse from wild to doing the routines and riding that these talented horse man and women were doing after only 120 days of riding is great. Watching the things they were doing with these animals was fun and amazing. The trust they they have built with each other over that 120 days is incredible. We all should put that much into our own horses, we would have a much better ride if we did. Each horse has baggage and issues no matter what age or handling – just like people we have been through things that put us in different situation, our action and reactions to those situations makes us who we and our horses are. We all and our horses Mustang Million 2013 - photos by Traci Davis  (113)could use some work.

I am sure if you interviewed each of the top 20 riders, including Bobby Kerr, Wylene Wilson-Davis, Zeke Zacharias, Micheal Battenfield, Dan James, Tom Hagwood (to name a few) they could tell you spots in that mustang that they could have done better or different to make them better. I am sure each of them can tell you were that mustang changed them or challenged them in a way that helped or made them a different person too.

Mustang Million 2013 - photos by Traci Davis  (661)None of us and no horse is perfect – I tell people all the time that I sell horses to and for that all horses have an issue or quirk of some sort. Just like people do, it is just what we want to put up with. Some people do not want a horse that refuses to cross water – other people do not care if that horse ever crosses water. Some people want a horse that they have to work with and get better, others want a horse that will not make a mistake and take them any where they want to go.

You should challenge yourself to make that horse you call yours better. Each day working for something more from them and in turn it will bring out more in you. I sell horse to a lot of people and some expect them to be a perfect horse the first day or week they take them home. Horses need time to adjust to the new environment, routine and movements of new owner.

You do not move the same as the last owner and the last owner had built and relationship with that horse and the horse needs time to build a relationship with you. Just like some of the mustangs at the challenge – they will go on to be sold to new owners – those new owners will look at at films from then mustang event and and wonder why they can not get that animal to that. Well it takes time – it took the trainers 120 days to get there and it might take you that longMustang Million 2013 - photos by Traci Davis  (526) or longer to build that with them too.

Some of you know Hank – Tom’s horse, well Hank is a dang good horse but he did not start out that way, the first time Tom saddled Hank he bucked the full length of our barn in Okra (that barn was 90 ft long). The people who brought him Tom for training said he had been at a trainers for 90 days prior. He did not learn much in those 90 days and Tom started over with him. Tom and Hank have built a trust with each over the years and we have all watched that bond form, it was not over night that is for sure. They have spent a great deal of hours together to form the bond they have.

Mustang Million 2013 - photos by Traci Davis  (140)Tom Hagwood was the winner at the Mustang Million and him and his horse have formed a bond through that 120 days they spent together, they would not have won had they not worked together at it. None of us will win anything with our horse if we do not spend time together and form that bond. I am sure there was times when Mr. Hagwood and Merv did not see eye to eye on somethings, but they worked through them and did not give up.

Micheal Battenfield, who was 14th with Woodrow, is a personal friend who I have seen work with several horses over the years and have sold some of those horses for him, he puts time into each relationship with each horse knowing that each is going to be different then the next.

Just like with our kids each child we have is different and we will go through different trials, Mustang Million 2013 - photos by Traci Davis  (235)challenges and success with each one, same as each horse we come into contact with.

So if you just got a new horse and are running into a challenge do not give up, take time and work through it. Like I said before no horse is perfect. And you have heard me say it before NO horse is bombproof ever. They do have their own brain and thoughts and each day is new to them just like us. Even though you do not have a money prize on the line while you work with your horse you do have your life on the line and that is worth more then any prize so put the time into your investment to get the most out of him or her.

The participants of the Mustang Million, I am sure will not go home an put their mustang in the pasture and expect them to be perfect the next time they handle them, yes the foundation is there and with a little time they will pick back up together, but buying a horse you do not have a relationship with and turning them out in your pasture to bring them a few months later and expecting to get out of them what the prior owner did is not fair to you, the horse or the prior owner. The horse does not become better by standing in your pasture eating your grass.

Even Luke the mustang that sold for $25,000 at the event – if they were to take him and turn him out when they get home, he may be a little different if they were to leave him on his own a year, to wander and not be messed with. So be a good owner and get to know your new horse, pony or mustang and make them better and get yourself better by learning more to help them. No one knows it all and we can all learn new each day.

If you are looking for a new horse let me know if we can help you we have several to offer and if you are looking for help to strengthen the bond and relationship with your horse put need some advise, help or guidance be sure so schedule a group or one on one Clinic with Tom   ~ Traci Davis

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