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New Life Style Diet was started by, Hamilton Erridge, who lost over 100 pounds in 2002.
Founded in 2004, New Lifestyle Diet not only allows people to rapidly lose weight, but more importantly, learn how to keep it off. 

In working with thousands of dieters, they come to recognize that while people can be successful on many weight loss programs, unless a person is able to overcome a key set of universal issues – the person is ultimately destined to put the weight back on.

Since the goal of New Lifestyle is to ensure that this is the last diet you’ll ever need, you’re provided with a comprehensive set of lesson plans for changing your life. By following the program, you’ll learn to identify the behaivors that are causing you to be overweight, and more importantly, how to overcome them. As a result, on the New Lifestyle Diet, you won’t just be losing weight quickly, you’ll be learning how to keep it off for the rest of your life.

The Mission of New Life Style is to help people lose weight and stay healthy by consuming Foods that they love       (Shakes, Puddings, Soups, hot drinks, snacks etc.). To provide information and resources that help people  make a lifestyle change so that the extra pounds shed are never put back on.
The Products include
Women’s Weightloss Programs
Men’s Weightloss Programs
Nutrition Bars/Snacks
Hot Soups/Cereals
Hot Drinks
Liquid Diet Program
Meal Replacement Program
Diet Accessories
One of the best things is the Virtual Model — you can put in current weight and desired weight and see the difference!!  Be sure to go check them out and tell them Traci Davis and friends sent you!!!
New Life Style!

New Life Style!


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