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Sealed online bids is revolutionizing the storage industry with a more rewarding, efficient, and effective way to conduct lien sale auctions. This is done through the use of our easy-to-use online system.

It is our absolute mission to provide the ultimate service and benefits for both categories of customer – the self-storage company and the lien sale auction bidder.

Sealed Online Bids has created a clear path for the storage company to increase their loss recovery percentage. With the convenience of online bidding, the pool of bidders immediately increases by leaps and bounds with no limits.

Sealed online bids has been in the field and know that one of the biggest complaints from lien sale auction bidders, is the inconvenience of the necessary time and travel to attend the live auctions. Live auctions are now a thing of the past – they are not necessary and cost the storage company and the bidder time and money.

For the bidder, our system alleviates numerous expenses (such as travel and time off work), and inconveniences. Bidding is simple and each lien sale advertisement placed on our site, will be detailed with descriptions and countless photos of the storage contents to easily replicate a live attendance.

Sealed online bids bottom line is simple and incredibly clear – Sealed Online Bids provides a system to truly benefit every party of the lien sale auction transaction. The storage business becomes immediately more successful through a staggering increase of loss recovery, and the bidder benefits from money saved and the valuable convenience of online bidding.

Be sure to check Sealed online bids out now and later Auction all the time!!! As always with an auction you only pay what you want to pay!! Happy bidding!!


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