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Why should YOU get involved with Le-vel & The Thrive Experience?

  • FREE- It is 100% FREE to sign up and be a Le-vel Promoter. There is no cost. NONE. You can sign up for free and gain full access to the back-office, free website, free downloads, free team tracking reports, and a lot more. IT’S ALL FREE! You don’t have to pay a monthly fee to keep getting access to these tools. THEY ARE FREE! You can even sign up and hang out and get a feel of everything before you even get involved! Come check it out..it’s FREE!
  • RESIDUAL INCOME- sales 101, Residual Income. All companies that continue to thrive and grow are ones that have some kind of residual income. It’s the bread and butter of companies. You have a good product that customers have to purchase every month and BOOM you get paid every time they purchase. It’s cheaper, easier, and more effective to retain current customers than it is to acquire new ones!
  • CUSTOMER REWARDS- you & your customers get your product for FREE (there’s that word again) when you tell 2 friends and they purchase product. EASY EASY EASY! You tell 2 friends, they tell 2 friends, they tell 2 friends …everyone is getting the THRIVE EXPERIENCE for FREE and your business is growing! It’s not hard to imagine when people are feeling good, losing weight that others will notice and want what they’ve got!thr car
  • FASTEST GROWING COMPANY- Le-vel is the FASTEST GROWING company in North America! 10 Consecutive months of double and triple digit growth! Month after month Le-vel grows, why not grow with it?
  • EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT-NO ONE ELSE HAS THE DFT PATCH! That means it is exclusive to Le-vel and to you. No other company can re-create or mimic the product. You will never see anything like this product sold outside of Le-vel promoters. So when people want it, they can only get it from you!
  • EASY TO SHARE- with all the testimonies on Facebook (www.facebook.com/levelbrands) it’s easier than ever to share what the Thrive Experience is with everyone you know. You don’t have to be an expert, you just share your personal experience and the experiences of others!
  • EASY TO USE- Easy as 1-2-3. The Thrive Experience is really simple to use and benefits everyone! 2 capsules on an empty stomach, 20-40 minutes later drink a protein shake, put on the DFT patch and you are on your way. That’s it! So many other nutritional systems have a drink in the morning, a drink at night, pills in the morning, pills at lunch, pills before you go to bed. Who has time for that? Thrive is as easy as 1-2-3!
  • THE REWARD PLAN-is the best in the business! Go VIP 800 & VIP 1600 in the first 2 weeks and earn up to $1200 cash and free product. Remember how I said you could get started for as low as $100? Pay $100, earn $1200. Yes it’s really that simple. All you do is get 2-4 people to sign up as promoters & 2-4 customers and BOOM, you are on your way! After that earn an Ipad, trips to Cabo, an $800 car allowance and so much more! Go ahead sign up for FREE and just check it out!
  • No monthly or annual cost– many companies have a monthly or yearly cost to stay a promoter. THERE IS NO COST! Your website & back office will always be free!

Have specific questions on how to become a promoter?

The Thrive Experience will make its way to your city, why not be the one to bring it?

Get started today: www.ThriveLevel.com  & click JOIN NOW!


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