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My name is Peggy Rogers and this is my THRIVE experience. I’m a widowed mother of 2 girls and run a small horse breeding operation. I got to the point where I was always tired, angry, depressed and just couldn’t motivate myself to work or enjoy life. I had became a hermit and didn’t even want to associate with people. Finally one day I had seen my friend Traci Davis posting information about Thrive on her facebook and how it was helping her so I asked and she sent me some samples. It was a Life changing experience. I’ve been on the product for 2 weeks, I’m happier, feel better mentally and physically, lost over 7 pounds, have the energy to do all my chores and spend time with my daughters. I then became a promoter because I wanted all my friends and family to experience this great product. In 2 weeks I have hit all my VIP bonuses and earned my 4k and Ipad. My oldest daughter will be starting her experience on this product next week along with a few if my horses. I am very excited to see where thrive will take me. Please come join me in my journey



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