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These are some of the horses we have sold recently!!! For Current horses for sale go to



6 Year old Palomino Reining Gelding  SOLD

Gentle paint gelding Weatherford, TX (Bert) SOLD

Cute Grullo gelding Weatherford, TX (Bacon) SOLD

AQHA Palomino gelding Weatherford, TX (Sheriff) SOLD

Nice bay ranch gelding Weatherford, TX (Bruce) SOLD

Beautiful Buckskin Weatherford, TX (Cyrus) SOLD

Bay gelding – rides great Weatherford, TX (Copper)  SOLD

Big Grey gelding Weatherford, TX (Gravy) SOLD

Nice bay gelding Weatherford, TX (Oscar) SOLD

Big gentle gelding Weatherford, TX (Shawn) SOLD

Very safe mare – rides great Weatherford, TX (Gabby) SOLD

 Very nice bay roan gelding Weatherford, TX (Howdy) SOLD

Bay roan mare – barrels ropes and more Weatherford, TX (Regina) SOLD

 Very nice gelding safe for anyone Weatherford, TX (Boogie) SOLD

All-around dun gelding -Rope/barrels/poles/more Weatherford, TX (Mule) SOLD

 Sorting/trail mare great bloodlines Weatherford, TX (Avery) SOLD

Bay roan mare – barrels ropes and more Weatherford, TX (Regina)  SOLD

Older very gentle gelding Weatherford, TX (Danny) SOLD

PS Bronsin bred gentle bay gelding Weatherford, TX (Mobster) SOLD

Very well bred filly ready to start East, TX (Dixie)  SOLD

6 yr old Dun gelding Weatherford, TX (Nigel)  SOLD 

1D Barrel horse Weatherford, TX (Bubba) SOLD

 Gentle gentle pony mare Weatherford, TX (Molly) SOLD

Bay Boon Bar Stud Weatherford, TX  (Luke) SOLD

Nice sorrel mare started roping Weatherford, TX (Rose) SOLD

Buckskin coming 3 year old East TX (Dolly) SOLD

Cute black pony gentle Weatherford, TX (Gertie) SOLD

Very gentle paint gelding Weatherford, TX (Chief)  SOLD


Bay filly – cutting bred (Amanda) SOLD

Palomino rope/ranch horse Weatherford, TX (Stuart) SOLD 

Nice trail/playday gentle mare Weatherford, TX (Nifty Ann) SOLD 

Chestnut riding gelding Weatherford, TX (Rusty) SOLD

Amazing cow horse rope/ranch/breakaway/sort/cut/more Weatherford, TX (Amy) SOLD

Amazing palomino gelding Weatherford, TX (Sunny) SOLD

Nice sorrel gelding rides great Weatherford, TX (Cash) SOLD 

Super cute pony mule rides Weatherford, TX (Selena) SOLD


Palomino ranch gelding Weatherford, TX (Peso) SOLD

Great grey gelding safe Weatherford, TX (Bandit) SOLD

Paint gelding very gentle Weatherford, TX (Hunter) SOLD

Nice big buckskin finished head horse Weatherford, TX (Bill) SOLD

Cutting Bred Mare in Foal – well trained East, TX (Sadie)  SOLD

Appy gelding very gentle rides good Weatherford, TX (Last) SOLD

Nice black ranch gelding Weatherford, TX (Bubbles) SOLD

Blue roan gelding gentle Weatherford, TX (Toby) SOLD

Dun gelding 8 yrs old Weatherford, TX (Dinero)  SOLD

 Nice buckskin gelding Weatherford, TX (Wade) SOLD

Really nice chocolate palomino ranch horse Weatherford, TX (Cloud) SOLD

Very gentle gelding Weatherford, TX (Ringo) SOLD

Gentle paint mare Weatherford, TX (Jewel) SOLD

Buckskin Gelding Weatherford, TX (Buckaroo)  SOLD

Cutting/sorting mare Top bloodlines Weatherford, TX (Bo) SOLD

Liver chestnut gelding nice horse Weatherford, TX (Cruzer) SOLD


Dun Gelding for sale or Trade Weatherford, TX (Dollar) SOLD

Riding mare in foal to PG Dry Fire East TX (Icy Roc) SOLD

Very well bred cutting filly rides Weatherford, TX (Rosie) SOLD

Big bay rope horse Weatherford, TX (Roman) SOLD

Buckskin gelding started roping (Caleb) SOLD

Big ranch gelding Weatherford, TX (Homer)  SOLD

Gentle Buckskin Gelding Weatherford, TX (Kevin) SOLD

Nice AQHA sorrel gelding very gentle (BoJangles) SOLD

Finished Cutter/Ranch horse/ropes, sorts and more Weatherford, TX (Biscuit) SOLD

Bay Roan Rope Horse (George)SOLD

Bay rope mare Weatherford, TX (Tasha) SOLD

Roan Shetland pony Weatherford, TX (Apple) SOLD

APHA Paint gelding very nice Weatherford, TX (Stroker) SOLD

2008 Grey mare rides  Weatherford (Stormy) SOLD

Dun 4 year old gelding Weatherford, TX (Scooter) SOLD

Red Roan gelding started roping (Karl) SOLD

Pretty Palomino rides Weatherford, TX (Shiner) SOLD

APHA Tobiano Stallion East TX (Rolex) SOLD

Palomino trail gelding Weatherford, TX (Sparky) SOLD

Stout grey gelding Weatherford, TX (Eli) SOLD

Grey money earning mare Stephenville, TX (Pig) SOLD

Bay Ranch Mare AQHA North Texas (GracieBell)  SOLD

Black gelding very gentle Weatherford, TX (Bud) SOLD

Grey filly – cutting lines East TX  (Sunday) SOLD

Dun Colt AQHA East, TX (LeRoy) SOLD

Nice quarter pony mare Weatherford, TX (Babe) SOLD

Black Gelding done ranch work great on trails Weatherford, TX (Bookie) SOLD

Nice big sorrel gelding Weatherford, TX (Nevada) SOLD

Nice gentle paint – roped on Weatherford, TX (Huck) SOLD

Grullo Ranch Gelding (Vader) SOLD

Appendix bred Bay gelding Weatherford, TX (Gumby) SOLD

Very nive own daughter of Dual Rey – Money Earner Weatherford, TX (KK) SOLD

Cute Morgan Gelding – rides gentle Weatherford, TX (Tex) SOLD

Loud colored paint gelding Weatherford, TX (Dillon) SOLD

Blue Roan gentle gelding Weatherford,TX (Mav) SOLD

Black AQHA Gelding Weatherford, TX (Snake) SOLD

Sorrel trail/Parade gelding Weatherford, TX (Repo) SOLD

Well bred gelding gentle Weatherford, TX (Trace) SOLD

Grey mustang – beautiful Weatherford, TX (Cisco) SOLD

Palomino trail/parade horse Weatherford, TX (Ranger) SOLD

 Black Quarter pony – Weatherford, TX (Rivet) SOLD

Another Dun Gelding Weatherford, TX (Prince) SOLD

AQHA 3 year old black gelding -very gentle Weatherford, TX (Rambo) SOLD

Nice paint mare – trails and more Weatherford, TX (Lacey) SOLD

Beautiful Buckskin Gelding/Shown Weatherford, TX (Rummy) SOLD

Big stout Grey Ranch Horse Weatherford, TX (Hoss) SOLD

Paint playday gelding Weatherford, TX (Roscoe) SOLD

Grey Playday gelding (Eagle) SOLD

Buckskin Ranch Gelding Weatherford, TX (Drifter) SOLD

Red Roan Gelding ranch/sorting Alabama (Joker) SOLD

Sorting/ranch gelding AQHA Weatherford, TX (Jose)SOLD

Sorrel 2011 Colt by Pepto Madera Weatherford, TX (Sam) SOLD 

Beautiful Grey ranch horse Weatherford, TX (Jake) SOLD

Sorrel Flaxen – rope/ranch/trail Weatherford, TX (Poco) SOLD

Started 2 year old gelding Weatherford, TX (Dan) SOLD

Palomino Sorting/Ranch Gelding Weatherford, TX (Hank) SOLD

Black aged mare – kids safe Weatherford, TX (Bridget) SOLD

Black gelding ropes great Peaster, TX (Leo) SOLD

Bay 2013 Colt East TX (Tater) SOLD

2013 Brown AQHA Filly East, TX (Glo) SOLD

Wonderful Dun Ranch Gelding (Teddy) SOLD

Chestnut AQHA Gelding Weatherford, TX (Judd) SOLD

Grey Ranch/rope horse Weatherford, TX (Jake) SOLD

 Paint Gelding – knows playdays/ heeled on Weatherford, TX (Kota) SOLD

Big bay gelding – used on ranch Cheap Weatherford,TX (Julio) SOLD

Nice all around Ranch/rope horse Breckenridge, TX (TurboSOLD

Bay roan gelding roping/ sorting Weatherford, TX (Bart) SOLD

Dun playday barrel mare Fort Worth, TX (Sample) SOLD

Finished Heel horse Weatherford, TX (Frog) SOLD

4 year old Buckskin trail horse Weatherford, TX (Tip) SOLD

Big Bay Beautiful Gelding Weatherford, TX (Caesar) SOLD

Draft Pony – Weatherford, TX (Frosty) SOLD

Very Nice Black/White big riding mare Cresson, TX  (Annie) SOLD

Red Roan mare started roping Weatherford, TX (Ruby) SOLD

Bay Mare started on cutting Weatherford, TX (Roxie) SOLD

Zebra Dun gelding Weatherford, TX (Jasper) SOLD

Grey gelding 5 years Weatherford, TX (Smoke) SOLD

Black APHA mare – started roping Weatherford, TX (Ester) SOLD

Aged Broodmare – Flush prospect Weatherford, TX (Christie) SOLD

Finshed – calf horse/ head horse Weatherford, TX (Scooter) SOLD

Big gentle grey gelding (Shepard) SOLD

Appaloosa gelding -ranch work/ropes Weatherford, TX (Sundance) SOLD

Buckskin AQHA gelding Weatherford, TX (Rounder) SOLD

Sorting/rope/trail mare beginner safe Weatherford area (Pocket) SOLD

Beautiful Grey mare in foal East TX (Whiz Glo) SOLD

Dun Gelding Weatherford, TX (Hoot) SOLD

 Paint Draft mare Granbury, TX (Reata) SOLD

Nice grey gelding ropes great Coricana, TX (Smokey) SOLD

Beautiful Blue Gelding Weatherford (4J) SOLD

AQHA Beautiful Buckskin gelding Weatherford, TX (Kid) SOLD

Buckskin Ranch Horse Weatherford, TX SOLD

Blue Roan paint Pony Weatherford, TX SOLD

Seasoned Rope Horse Italy, TX (Big Sexy) SOLD

11 year old gelding used on ranch & for lesson Weatherford, TX (Ryon) SOLD

Thoroughbred mare rides safe Weatherford, TX (Emma) SOLD

POA Leopard Appy Pony Weatherford, TX (Ribbons) SOLD

 Nice Sorrel Ranch Gelding Weatherford, TX (Casanova) SOLD

Beautiful paint gelding Weatherford, TX (Comanche) SOLD

2 Paint fillies Palo Pinto, TX (April/Julie) SOLD

 4 year old Palomino -Big Stop Weatherford, TX (Dakota) SOLD

Dun gelding rode in Mountains Weatherford, TX (Hurley) SOLD

Ex Rope/Ranch Horse Weatherford, TX (Pinky) SOLD

Red Roan gelding Weatherford, TX (Sly) SOLD

Sorrel trail/playday gelding Weatherford, TX (3Sox) SOLD

Nice Paint gelding rides good Weatherford, TX (Playboy) SOLD

Dun Gelding Black Points Weatherford, TX (Rico) SOLD

Red Roan Cutting bred filly Eastland, TX SOLD

Sorrel Stud Colt Cutting Bred Weatherford, TX (Woody) SOLD

Cow bred Stud East Texas SOLD

10 year old Palomino Gelding Weatherford, TX SOLD

Buckskin trail horse Weatherford, TX SOLD

12 year old gelding safe Weatherford, TX SOLD

Grey 3 year old Weatherford, TX SOLD

Paint Mare rides  Palo Pinto, TX SOLD

Buckskin Filly 2013 Show Horse SOLD

Red Roan Cutting bred filly Eastland, TX SOLD

Nice Grey Gelding Weatherford, TX SOLD

Little Red Roan Gelding Weatherford, TX SOLD

Buckskin Mare SOLD

Competitive Trail mare Austin, TX SOLD

Blue Roan Gelding Weatherford, TX SOLD

 Roan Paint 2011 Gelding by Pepto Madera SOLD

 Big Dun gelding Weatherford, TX SOLD

Buckskin Ranch Gelding Weatherford, TX SOLD

Been there done that gelding Weatherford, TX SOLD

Red Roan Paint Playday/Trail Gelding Weatherford, TX SOLD

4 year old Bay Roan Gelding Weatherford, TX SOLD

Mare Rope pony very Cute Weatherford, TX SOLD

3 year old gelding rides Weatherford, TX SOLD

Black ranch sorting gelding Weatherford, TX SOLD

Grey Gelding – Gentle Weatherford, TX SOLD

Paint Gelding Weatherford, TX SOLD

Nice 10 yr old Buckskin Morgan Mill/Weatherford, TX SOLD

Bay Mare – gentle gentle Boyd, TX SOLD

Perfect little paint pony Weatherford, TX SOLD

Black and White Gelding Weatherford, TX SOLD

Kids Breakaway paint gelding Eastland, TX SOLD

Registered Blue Roan Gelding Weatherford, TX SOLD

Paint mare rides – extreme trail horse Stephenville, TX SOLD

4 Horse Slant Trailer

Very nice Buckskin – finished Rope Horse Weatherford, TX SOLD

Very nice bay mare – rides great Abilene, TX SOLD

17 year old Palomino mare rides Weatherford area SOLD

Nice Cutting bred filly Eastland, TX  SOLD

4 Year old Sorrel Gelding Weatherford, TX SOLD

10 year old thoroughbred playday gelding Weatherford, TX

Safe trail horse Weatherford, TX 

11 year old mare rides Weatherford area

Paint R/W Mare  Eastland, TX

15 Year old Dun Gelding Weatherford, TX

Red Roan Gelding rides good Weatherford, TX

Nice gentle Thoroughbred gelding safe/playday 

Chestnut mare rides trails great Milsap, TX SOLD

Bay Roan Gelding Weatherford, TX SOLD

AQHA Bay Gelding – Poco Bueno bred SOLD

Buckskin Gelding – cheap for fast sell Weatherford, TX SOLD

Older playday gelding Weatherford, TX SOLD

Black gelding super easy going Weatherford, TX SOLD

True Blue Roan Gelding Rides great  Weatherford, TX SOLD

Bay Gelding – do anything Weatherford, TX

Stout Grey Ranch Horse Weatherford, TX

Playday/ranch rope gelding Goldthwaite, TX

Bay Roan Gelding – Very Gentle  Weatherford, TX

Cremello Welch/Cob Pony w/ tack

Beautiful Dun Gelding sold with Horsemanship Clinic 

Palomino Rope horse – big and stout Weatherford, TX 

Nice Dun Gelding Weatherford, TX

6666 bred rope horse Gelding – sorrel 

Registered Grey Gelding Weatherford, TX

Buckskin mare with foal at side Ranger, TX  SOLD

Well bred mare rides Weatherford, TX

Very nice playday and rope horse Weatherford, TX  SOLD

Dun Gelding 12 yrs old Weatherford, TX SOLD

2011 Peptoboonsmal grandson SOLD

Been there done that gelding Weatherford, TX

Beautiful paint gelding Weatherford, TX

7 year old Thoroughbred gelding Weatherford, TX

Buttermilk Buckskin Weatherford, TX SOLD

Blue Roan Filly Eastland, TX SOLD

2 yr old Blue Stud Colt Rides Stephenville, TX SOLD

Endurance trail horse Weatherford, TX SOLD

Top Barrel Horse Cross trained to Cut Weatherford, TX SOLD

Dark Grey mare – Might make a heel horse Weatherford, TX SOLD

Grey Mare great 3D barrels or Playday horse Weatherford, TX SOLD

Big stout black gelding Weatherford, TX SOLD

Grey Mare rides good Weatherford, TX SOLD

Palomino Mare AQHA rides great  Weatherford, TX SOLD

Black/White Homozygous Stud Palo Pinto, TX  SOLD

Color Me Smart Paint Gelding Weatherford, TX 

Best babysitter ever Weatherford, TX SOLD

 Paint Mare rides great very pretty safe Weatherford, TX  SOLD

Black and White Filly Cheap Palo Pinto, TX  SOLD

1950 John Deere G Tractor SOLD

Buckskin Pony Weatherford, TX SOLD

13 year old Palomino Gelding Weatherford, TX SOLD

Red/White paint filly Rides – Eastland,TX  SOLD

Spotted Saddle Horse (gaited has shown) Aledo, TX  SOLD

Grey broodmare has been ridden Weatherford, TX  SOLD

Ex Cutting mare – great youth mare Weatherford, TX  SOLD

7 year old paint gelding Weatherford, TX SOLD

Red Roan Pony SOLD

Red Roan Boonsmal colt Weatherford, TX SOLD

Nice Gelding Safe ropes well Bryan, TX  SOLD

Nice Black Gelding SOLD

Sorrel Riding mare  SOLD

Grey Strait Silver Mare SOLD

Dun Gelding SOLD

Great Gelding will watch a cow Weatherford, TX SOLD 

Nice Dun mare ride great Weatherford, TX  SOLD

Beautiful paint mare ride great very easy going Weatherford, TX  SOLD

10 year old Mare Rides/ In foal Eastland, TX SOLD

Lineback Dun mare ready to start riding Weatherford, TX SOLD

 Beautiful Bay mare – Pepto bred Weatherford, TX SOLD

Sorrel Quarter horse mare Weatherford, TX  SOLD

Grey Gelding 8 years old Weatherford, TX SOLD

Bay 8 yr old Pony -Kids Weatherford, TX  SOLD

Hank Sorrel Gelding Rides great Weatherford, TX  SOLD

Very Cowey Mounted shooting horse Stephenville, TX  SOLD

Doc Olena/ Dry Doc mare – rides Brock, TX SOLD

Gaited Buckskin mare Weatherford, TX SOLD 

Great riding mare Pearl in Alvarado, TX  SOLD

Paint weanling mule Weatherford, TX  SOLD

Buckskin show mare Alto, TX  SOLD

2 Roan mares  SOLD

Paint Gelding Safe and will do any job Weatherford, TX  SOLD

2 Paint mares  SOLD

Overo Paint Gelding Weatherford, TX  SOLD

Roan Paint Gelding Graham, TX  SOLD

Red Roan Pony   SOLD

Very Classy Brown Gelding – Go any direction  Aubrey, TX  SOLD

6 year old paint mare gentle Graham, TX  SOLD

Palomino Gelding Rope horse Weatherford, TX SOLD

16 year old kid safe mare Weatherford, TX SOLD

Older Ex- Cutting horse – very safe  Weatherford, TX  SOLD

Big stout – do anything Gelding  Weatherford, TX  SOLD

Pretty Dun Gelding Weatherford, TX SOLD

Paint Gelding – great trail horse Weatherford, TX SOLD

Panel Arena for sale great deal – Mineral Wells, TX SOLD

Older Roan Gelding – Rope Horse Eastland, TX SOLD

Sorrel Gelding Ranch/trail Weatherford, TX SOLD

12 Year old palomino mare! Rides great Lipan, TX SOLD

Ex Cutting horse  SOLD

5 year old Grey Beduino Gelding  SOLD

Nice finished Bridle Horse – Jet Black SOLD

Grullo Gelding – very gentle Weatherford, TX SOLD

Palomino Gelding Rides good Weatherford, TX  SOLD

Large group of mares great price Valley Mills, TX  SOLD

AQHA sorrel brood mare Alvarado, TX  SOLD

Chocolate Palomino – rides well Alvarado, TX SOLD

Paint mare – kids horse SOLD

Super nice kids horse SOLD

Bay 5 year old Gelding rides SOLD

Red Roan 10 year old gelding rides SOLD

Land and home for sale SOLD

Nice palomino filly – professional training  SOLD

nice steel horse trailer  SOLD

Black and White Paint Gelding SOLD

2 yr old Mule – ready to start SOLD

2010 Brown and White Paint Filly SOLD

 7 year old proven Palomino Stallion  SOLD

Nice running bred Colt – Great Prospect  SOLD

Blue Roan Mare Ready to go SOLD

6 year old Bay Mule – rides SOLD

Barrel and Cutting Horse Gelding great for anyone SOLD

Nice Dash For Cash 9 year old Gelding Barrels SOLD

9 year old grey rope horse  SOLD

Bay Roan Gelding – nice horse SOLD

Nice bay mare – ropes anyone can ride  SOLD

2007 Grey mare rides and in foal  SOLD

11 yr old Sorrel mare – rides great  SOLD

7 year old Red Roan Gelding rides well  SOLD 

Double bred Dog Sug mare rides  SOLD

Cute sweet mini/pony filly  SOLD

2010 Bay roan Stud Colt SOLD

Playday Gelding – 8 years old  SOLD

21 yr old Palomino rope/barrel horse SOLD

3 year old sorrel Gelding  SOLD

Super Safe Kids horse SOLD

Coming 2 year old Bay Colt  SOLD

Jim is a great little gelding needs a job SOLD

Fast Gelding – 2006  SOLD

Weanling Paint Filly SOLD

3 horses price of one – Buckskin  SOLD

Matched pair of paint mares  SOLD 

12 year old Paint mare in foal SOLD

Bay Roan Filly SOLD

Witt – Great calf horse! SOLD 

Jack – Nice Buckskin Gelding SOLD

5 year old Gelding -needs started  SOLD

Kids Horse – 20 years old  SOLD

8 year old Palomino Gelding needs a job  SOLD

8 year old Gelding – Cheap SOLD

Mini/Pony paint Stud  SOLD

Blue Valentine Stud colt – Wills Point SOLD

Nice 15 year old Gelding  SOLD 

Uno Action – Finished cutting horse!  SOLD

Nice Ranch Gelding – Stephenville, TX  SOLD

2 nice Bay mares package deal SOLD

2 year old Buckskin gelding  SOLD

9 year old Gelding anyone can ride  SOLD

5 year old nice gelding SOLD

10 year old Grey Gelding SOLD

Colonel Freckles Gelding  SOLD 

3 horse slant trailer  SOLD 

Doc ~ nice bay gelding anyone can ride! SOLD

9 year old bay Gelding SOLD

9 year old Palomino Rope Horse  SOLD

Mare and foal package SOLD

6 year old Dun Gelding SOLD

2008 Nice Gelding for sale SOLD

Great Sorrel Gelding for sale! SOLD

King Bred mare for sale SOLD

Rosie is a 23 year old kids horse SOLD

Rite Left Hand 12 Year old Gelding SOLD

3 Nice mares for sale SOLD

20 year old rope horse – Gelding  SOLD

17 year old kids/beginner horse SOLD

Red Roan Gelding SOLD

8 year old Paint gelding SOLD

Border Collie Pups SOLD 

Crates Saddle for sale  SOLD

1999 Dodge Flatbed 1 ton pickup

2 – real nice Gelding’s for sale $300 each ready to go as is! These geldings are 5 yrs old and green ~ they have been turned out the last 3 years do to the death of their owner. Great deal!! SOLD!!

Quarter Horse For Sale
Price: $1600
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Grey
Sex: Gelding
Birth Date: Jan 1, 2006
Weight: 900.0 lbs
Height: 14.1 hh
Additional Comments: This is a super nice gelding – handles well – has been ridden on big ranch and moves nice. Handles well and is pretty. Has went on 2 week long trail rides. This is a nice horse for anyone!! Foundation Burrus breeding!!


Great deal on a 6 in 1 package! you get a mare in foal and 3 fillies and a stud!! All for a one great price $1000 takes all!!SOLD!!

Nice 17 yr old gelding

This is a nice 17 yr old gelding. Anyone can ride. This horse has a nice handle on him and responds great to your legs. Great deal at $1200 he will not last long!! SOLD!!

Nice Buckskin gelding

This is “Money” he is a very nice stout buckskin gelding. He is 5 yrs old rides nice and is gentle. He is in great flesh and will watch a cow. He is AQHA registered ~ Docs Proscription, Boston Mac, Continental Cad, and Music Mount breeding. $3500

Nice 4 yr old mare

4 yr old Sorrel mare! Very gentle needs a job! Halters, leads and loads. Start her how you like and make her yours. No papers big and stout! $350 SOLD

2 year old filly ready to start
Great little filly priced right!!

This is a nice little red roan filly. She is stout and ready to start. She has a full brother that is very gentle and easy going. she is pretty and has a good hip! Great deal!! $500.00 OBO  SOLD

Quarter Horse For Sale
Price: $450
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Sorrel
Sex: Mare
Birth Date: Jan 1, 2006
Additional Comments: This little filly is super easy going — she is gentle and rides around nice!! Cute little mare!! Sorrel with 4 white sox — she just needs a job this is a great deal!!
Quarter Horse For Sale
Price: $3500
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Dun w/ Blk Points
Sex: Gelding
Birth Date: Jan 1, 2004
Height: 15.1 hh
Additional Comments: This gelding is nice and Gentle – easy going and calm. He is a big horse that will get the job done. He just needs a job. Great deal and the right color too!! $3500 all offers considered. Contact Traci Davis 254-433-0806

Quarter Horse For Sale
Price: $1100
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Palomino
Sex: Mare
Birth Date: Jan 1, 2004
Weight: 1000.0 lbs
Height: 15.1 hh
Additional Comments: This mare is a nice kids horse – she is a light colored Palomino – very gentle and rides nice. Ready to be a great family horse!!

Quarter Horse For Sale
Price: $2600
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Sorrel
Sex: Mare
Birth Date: Jan 1, 2003
Weight: 1050.0 lbs
Height: 15.1 hh
Additional Comments: This is a super nice horse! She will watch a cow nice has been used to rope in the pasture and drag calves to the fire. This mare will take you to the winner circle. She is fun to ride and super gentle!! Great deal this mare has Doc Bar and Zan Parr Bar on her papers!!

This is a super nice stud!! More pictures below! Own son of Coosa He has over 26 Halter points and 2 ROM’s 15 yr old rides great!



Used 15.5 Saddle  SOLD 

TnT Ranch & Tom Davis Horsemanship

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Posted January 30, 2011 by Traci Davis


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