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This great site can help you make back to school easier!! Preparing children to go back to school each fall is a bittersweet task.  As many parents are savoring the last few weeks of summer, they are also bogged down with the “to do” list of getting their children prepared.  The ever daunting supply list, as prepared by each teacher in each school across the country, needs to be purchased.  Walking the aisles of “big box” stores in over stimulating aisles with several children in tow is not the way to end your fleeting summer.  The crowds are big and lines are long!

The Write Stuff works with parent organizations (PTO/PTA)to prepare pre-made kits based on each school’s supply lists. Parents can easily order the kits online, or thru their school to be delivered in time for the first day.
If a school is not listed on the site, a parent can send us their list to upload, or simply select the necessary items they need from our online store.  Write-Stuff will bundle the items and ship to home or office.  It’s that easy! 

I went thru the order process and wow it was FAST! I ordered and 3 days later I had my kit! Loaded with great school items! Best thing is you can use several payment methods including sending a check or Money Order! The products are high quality name brand items and great priced and best of all I did not have to spend an hour in a store. I did 3 clicks on the computer and all done! Plus I did not have to buy a bunch of unwanted items that the kids would have been begging for at the store!

Be sure to “like” them on Facebook and win a FREE kit!! This Momma does recommend this great service!!


By Traci Davis – The “Go To Momma”


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