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Canned meat that is NOT spam!!

This is canned meat you can handle!! We made chopped BBQ beef sandwiches that were the best – you would have thought I got them from the local BBQ joint!! Phyllis & Bruce Hopkins of  Best Prices Storable Foods know their meat! They have a great service and products!! Check them out!!

What if you can’t get to the grocery store—or don’t want to go into town—for any reason?  Maybe you’ve had a rough week and just don’t feel like getting out.  Maybe you want to keep from catching the flu this season.  There’s ice on the roads!  Or, maybe the threat alert level is too high and it might be better to avoid crowded areas.  Maybe it’s time to build an emergency supply, or have an emergency preparedness plan, or just put together an emergency preparedness kit.  (Domestic and emergency preparedness is highly recommended by the Department of Homeland Security!)  Maybe you just don’t want to drive your car and spend enormous sums on fuel.

More and more of those sailing long distances (even sailing around the world) are turning to our canned dehydrated foods, canned meats, canned cheese and canned butter, to stock their galley. For them, there IS no grocery store for weeks at a time!

Whatever your reason for wanting storable foods, this site has reasonable, affordable, delicious solutions found in dehydrated foods and freeze dried foods, dry vegetables, dehydrated eggs, dry mixes, as well as real canned meats, real canned cheese and (wow!) real canned butter!

This is the place to go for good, not watered down storable foods!! Just the right size to feed the family! They came in handy during the week long ice storms here in Texas when we couldn’t go to the store for a week do to bad roads! This “Go To Momma” recommends them!! Go to their site today and order. Lot’s to choose from!!

Review by Traci Davis ~ The Go To Momma!


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