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Saddle up and Ride!

Looking for style and fit on the trail, pasture, or corral? Well then you need the best! The best rides come from the best saddles. The best saddles come from the best makers and the best makes learn from the great!! Crystal Smith of Saddle Smith Saddlery has learned from the best! Crystal has had the pleasure of studying under Kent Frecker, who knows saddles! Crystal has taken the great knowledge she learned from Kent and puts her own great touches on the saddles that she builds.

Being a horse women and rider herself she knows a good saddle when she sits in it! Crystal lives in Idaho where she and husband Jared and three beautiful daughters: Trinity 6, Cheznee 3, and Haylee 6 months. They are so supportive and helpful, Jared even gave up his garage so that Crystal can have a saddle shop.

Saddle Smith Saddlery is the newest sponsor of Tom Davis Horsemanship! We are so pleased to be able to ride with a great saddle. Thanks to Crystal and all the other great sponsors of Tom Davis horsemanship! Come ride with us!!


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