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Hope this finds everyone ready to change your life! My name is Traci Davis. I am an Independent Team Beachbody Coach.  That means I get to have fun and help people get fit and healthy while I improve my own health and fitness.

I have had a huge amount of success using beachbody fitness programs and nutritional products and I use them on a daily basis to get fit and healthy. Beachbody is a very successful fitness company that produces some very popular in-home fitness programs such as P90X, Insanity, Turbo Jam, Slim in 6, 10 Minute Trainer, TurboFire, Rev Abs, Chalean Extreme and more. The products work and I love sharing them with family and friends.

When you sign up as a Beachbody Coach, there is great benefits ~ you get a 25% discount on all Beachbody products and you are able to run an easy home based business. The 25% discount is great and it will save you a ton of cash. The whole Beachbody Coach concept came to life as a result of the huge success Beachbody customers were having with the fitness programs. They were getting such great results that their friends, family, and co-workers were asking them what they were doing to get in such great shape. They were telling them about the program they were doing and directing them to Beachbody. Beachbody decided to create the Coach program to help reward people for sharing their experience with the programs and nutritional products.

I have been a Beachbody Coach since June of 2009. I had such great success with P90X, my friends and family were all asking about what I was doing.  Being a coach has definitely paid off because I earn commissions  monthly just by talking to my friends and family. As I going into the program people keep noticing my fitness changes and they all ask what I am doing to get into shape.

You do not have to be fitness buff or expert to be a Coach.  Just tell people about your experiences and results with the programs and get people to your website that Beachbody creates  (see my website).

Beachbody’s Coach program is truly for anyone. Some people sign up just for the 25% discount, some sign up for the business, and some sign up for both the business and the discount. If you are just signing up for the business, than I still highly encourage you to get on a workout program and use the nutritional products.  Like Shakeology! The people who are the most successful Coaches are the ones who become a “product of the product” and use them daily. As you start to see results from the programs, people will begin coming up to you to ask what you’re doing to get in shape.

I have people ask me about p90x all the time as they have heard I was doing it! Most people have seen the infomercial and know about P90X from that!  I just tell them about my results, and I talk about the programs, the Coaching opportunity, or both. I then simply hand them one of my business cards and and follow up with them in a few days. It really is as simple as that. You don’t have to go out and do the business. The business goes with you. Beachbody spends over $100 million+ a year on infomercials so you get to take advantage of the huge brand awareness. You’ll find that about 9 out of 10 people have heard of P90X or Insanity from a friend who has had awesome results from the programs or they have seen one of the infomercials on TV.

You should sign up as Coach at the very least as a commitment to yourself to get into shape with the Beachbody programs.  So many people  fail at going to the gym.  P90X is cheaper then most membership fees anyhow! The reason being is that most people don’t have the knowledge or experience necessary to create a fitness program that they can do and continue to do and see results.  Beachbody is a complete solution to fitness, nutrition, and health. The programs take all of the guess work out of what we should eat, what exercises we should do, what our workout schedule should be, etc. What if you don’t make a single dime as a Beachbody Coach, but you got into awesome shape? Wouldn’t it still be worth it? I definitely think so!  The very worst thing that could happen to you is that you simply save money on the products you buy to improve your health and fitness.

Ok, so you’re probably now wondering how do you get paid as a Coach? You get a 25% commission when people buy products from you, and you will also earn bonuses when Coaches you sponsor buy or sell products. The Beachbody Compensation Plan is fairly simple. Once you sign up as a Coach I can teach you how to maximize your earnings.

Traci Davis ~ Fitness Coach with BeachBody!!

Check out great products from Beachbody fitness!! p90X is my favorite!!

make me your coach or buddy today!! for more info with health and tighening the loose skin during and after wieght loss!!

Would you like to make money just for WORKING OUT?

If BEACHBODY can work for me it can work for YOU!

I LOVE P90X and INSANITY workouts and have great results with them!! I have lost over 75lbs and still going!! You can too!! And I will help you!!
Transformation Story

Growing up I had always fought my weight. I have always liked working out but at times had trouble fitting it in my life. I came to realize that I had to make time for it! Not even realizing how bad it had gotten until I saw a picture of myself, WOW! Wanting to be a better role model for my girls I have made a life time commitment and life change. I have NEVER felt more alive. I started my life change with walking and doing my bowflex and saw great changes. But soon hit a platue and I gave P90X a try, immediately I was hooked. I had tried others but nothing compares. Tony motivates you to keep pressing play and BRING IT!! I am 38 and I am in the best shape of my life! I still have some to loose but with Beachbody I will get there soon!!So far I have lost over 80# and can not even imagine leaving this amazing lifestyle my new image has brought! I now compete in 5K and 10K runs as well as biking adventures and mud and adventure runs. I have feel like I have my youth back and even better!! Come join us!!

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Traci Davis ~ Beachbody Fitness Coach!Traci Davis ~ Beachbody Fitness Coach!

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