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Friday, February 18, 2011

From: Steven Rounds ‘Ex PayPal Guy’

I don’t know you.

You don’t know me. Yet. But one thing you and I both know. Somehow you found this page because you want out.

Out of your current financial situation.

Out of living paycheck to paycheck.

Out of struggling to pay the bills.

Out of the 9-5 grind.

Out of long rush hour traffic.

Out of your job.

Out of whatever is holding you back from making more money a month than 99.999999% of the rest of the world makes in a year.

You’re in luck if any of the above is YOU.

Because you somehow just landed on the one single page online that has the answer to all of those problems.

I would know.

Because I created the only software that actually forces you to profit in world that doesn’t involve gaming Google with autobloggers or spinning endless articles into a massive web of worthless content that nobody cares about.

This software taps into a little known but ASTRONOMIC source of traffic that only the most elite Super Affiliates know about and literally makes you make money.

How much money?

It’s entirely up to you…

So you’re free to go out and eat or shop… free to be a lazy couch potato… free to get addicted to video games…

Free to do whatever you want.

Whenever you want.

And this will never fade.

It will never burn out.

It cannot get overrun by too many people.

In fact.

It’s only going to get bigger and BIGGER.

And it’s definitely not like anything you have EVER seen before.

It’s not:

Media Buys
Yahoo Answers
Article Marketing
Social Media
It’s not anything that requires a lot of effort or time.

Honestly, if you LIKE spending a lot of time and money just to make NO money, then this isn’t up your alley.

This is REALLY for someone who is serious about making a lot of money and having the time to enjoy it.

You see, I used to work for the leading online payment processor in the world…

… or, you may know them as PayPal®…

To many in this industry they’re a necessary evil, because they make accepting online payments fast and easy…

… but they also have been known to make life REALLY hard for a lot of marketers.


I started working at PayPal® when they were just a fledgling little startup in Palo Alto California. Back then there were only a handful of us and I was one of their very first software engineers.

And, my job…

… well, this is where the hate for me will probably boil up inside for so many people…

My job was to create the software that froze PayPal® accounts.

Ever logged into your own PayPal® account and seen this?


I was the guy that built and implemented the software they use to limit, freeze, and close accounts.

And I can understand if you’re one of the people this has happened to how you might want to stab me in eyeballs…

… honestly, I hated what I did too, so I can’t blame you.

I mean.

My job was to build the software that took people’s money away from them. Sometimes it just felt dirty.

And most days I could barely force myself out of bed to commute into the office.

Doing what I did at PayPal®…

I heard ALL the gossip and all the dirt in the office…

And one of the constant topics of that gossip was the big money players that had high 6 figures… even 7 figures sitting there in their PayPal® accounts.

That’s right. Huge amounts of cash just sitting in their accounts waiting for them to spend on who knows what.

And yet, here I was…

An office drone.

A slave to the 9-5 and a BRUTAL commute.

Not flat ass broke, but with a new kid and a wife at home, DEFINITELY paycheck to paycheck just to make ends meet.

And man.

Sometimes we were stretched THIN.

That’s not a problem anymore though.

Because my software has catapulted me out of paycheck to paycheck and INTO high 6 figures a year… with months like this every month:

If you’re stretched thin right now…

If you’re beyond thin and into the red ink…

Free from your job.

Free from your boss.

Free to live life on YOUR terms. Because after all.


Your family.

You deserve that.

Don’t you?

Imagine rolling up to the ATM at your bank.

And after ALL your bills are paid up…

You got an extra chunk sitting there for whatever your heart desires…

You’re getting 4 and 5 figure deposits — Weekly.

Not from checks that take forever to clear…

Not from PayPal® payments that could be frozen at any time, assuming they are even sent to you at all.

But WIRED right to your bank account.

In spendable money you have instant access to.

Well, that would just change everything wouldn’t it?

I mean…

No more running off to some job in the morning.

No more getting home late, too exhausted to do anything but maybe watch some TV before finally crashing out…

… only to wake up and do it all over again the next day.

No more answering to some boss you don’t like.

No more worrying about paying your bills, much less paying them on time.

And if you wanted to make more money because you wanted to buy an expensive car, a new house, or take a bunch of vacations to exotic locale’s all over the world?

You just ‘crank up’ your software and let it find you MORE money.

If you want to get 4 figure, 5 figure, or even BIGGER wires sent right to your bank account every week…

Plus all the time in the world to do whatever you want with that money…

Then you have to stop right now.


Trying to SEO
Trying to blog
Trying to PPC
Trying to create products
Trying to JV those products
Buying every new ‘next big thing’


Stop learning.

Stop going from one method to the next and then onto the next, always learning and NEVER finishing…. never succeeding.

The chance is here for you (right now) to put all that behind you and go from learning mode to turbo charged EARNING mode.


I’m Steven Rounds. Ex-PayPal guy.

I USED to work a horrible 9-5 job where I essentially kept people from their money. Just getting out of bed and driving to the office each day was a soul crushing experience.

Made even worse by the fact that I was barely getting by.

Living paycheck to paycheck.

Not anymore though…

Now I’m able to drive around all day long in my beloved new 2011 Camaro RS…

Now I travel all over the place, vacationing, whenever I please.

Now I never worry about bills or money.

Now my family is taken care of the way I wanted to take of them.

Yes, now I’m living my dream.

And now you could be living the way you always knew you should too.


It was just a couple years back that I was still working at PayPal®.

My job was to create and implement the system wide fraud protection software that limited and froze people’s PayPal® accounts.

Literally keeping them from their money.

Honestly, it sucked.

I hated it.

It’s bad enough having to wake up for a job every day.

It just gets worse when it’s a job that makes you sick to your stomach.

And then of course, there was one more element that was FUELING my misery.

Nearly every time somebody told me about a little piece of code that was broken, they also felt the need to tell me about some guy who was waiting on his 500k transaction.

I just kept hearing about an account with $400,000 in it… or one with $600,000 in it… or one with over a million, just sitting there.

It seemed like every week I was hearing about some account that was JAMMED with more money than any of us could even fathom.

One day I hit the ATM to grab some cash for my lunch break.

The balance was low…

It was near Christmas and man… I don’t know…

Something just hit me.

WTF was I doing?

I was busting my ass 9-5 every single day.


… and working…

And what was the payoff?

The payoff was I literally had a few bucks to my name.

Christmas was right around the corner and I was stressed out wondering how I was gonna buy Christmas presents for my family AND pay my bills on time too.

Sure, my wife appreciates bills getting paid.

But to say that was her Christmas gift. Well, not exactly my ideal gift to her…

All throughout the day I didn’t talk to a soul.

I went home… still quiet.

And on into the late night and early morning.

I just sat by myself.




There had to be a better way.

This couldn’t be it.

I did all the ‘right’ things.

I went to college.

Got a degree in computer science.

Went to work for a company with benefits and all that.

My career was based around something I DID love, which was software.

But it just wasn’t working. NONE of it was working.

And then just as the TV flipped into infomercial time… you know… when it’s so late that nothing else is on…

It occurred to me.

Epiphany time.

I had engineered a program that could take money away in an instant.

Now I was ready to build a program that brought money in just as quickly.

When you’re a programmer, EVERYTHING can be solved with math.

And I mean everything. No problem in the world couldn’t be solved with math.

So, all I needed to do, was figure out first where the money was at.

And once I knew.

Creating the software to bring it to me would be a matter of 0’s and 1’s and some stealth and extremely powerful code.

But to address the problem at hand.

Where was the money?

What were all those guys doing that had high 6 figures and 7 figures laying around in their PayPal®accounts?

I had to find that out first.

To get started, I was going to have to NOT use my programming skills.

I needed one website address to start finding the money with software.

So, I invited one of the reps I talked with the most to lunch… the one that would usually tell me about these accounts with all the funds in them…

… the PayPal® accounts with high 6 and even 7 figures.

And I said, “just one website address… no names… no identification… no personal details. Just gimme one website address.”

It took some convincing.

Some REAL convincing.

But I got that one address.

The one that started it all for me.

I went home that night and began to code.

I programmed all night.

Called in sick the next day and kept on programming.

Red Bull.



They were my fuel to keep me going.

I literally coded until the tips of my fingers bled.

This was a hardcore programming session.

In my world… the world of 0’s and 1’s… code and programmers.

Brute Force is letting a program do the heavy lifting… it’s about the computer doing the thinking for you.

I wanted the computer to think for me.

I wanted it to find out all the information about that website it could… number of visitors per month… demographic details… and most importantly…

The sites people went to before they went to that one…

And they sites they went to after they left it…

With this information I could who was sending these guys all that money and where all these people with the money were coming from.

And that is EXACTLY what happened.

Over the next several days my brute force program had spied on and gathered very specific details about several websites that would hopefully tell me where the money was.

Once I began to pour into the data however, I was disappointed with the initial results.

You see.

Most of these guys.

It was kind of shocking.

They were making a ton of money, yeah.

But they were making it through creating and selling ‘how-to’ stuff… info products. And sure, they had fancy screenshots from PayPal® on their sites showing off their earnings.

It’s just that the only way they were making their cash was by creating these products and then all cross promoting one another.

Which is fine I guess.

But, unless you’re in their circle and have the time and cash to create your own product, it’s pretty pointless to even try that.

There was one site…

One guy however.

His data stood out amongst all the others.

One website was crushing it.

I mean blistering levels of traffic that were nearly incomprehensible.

And from sources I had never heard of before.

So, I turned my attention to him and him alone.

I began to focus only on what he was doing.

What were his sites?

Where was his money?

And what I discovered from this was that there were a select group of Super Affiliates generating unheard of levels of traffic from sources nobody else even knew about.

And they were banking hard through just selling other people’s products.

And they weren’t getting paid by PayPal®.

They weren’t waiting for checks to arrive in the mail or clear their banks.

They were getting wire transfers sent right to their banks.

Electronic cash, available instantly.

And so much of it, that they probably couldn’t spend it in a lifetime if they wanted to.

My stealth software had unearthed a playground for wealthy Super Affiliates.

They were getting server crushing levels of traffic from a handful of sources and cashing in on other people’s products to the tune of millions of dollars a month.

These traffic sources.

Nobody else even knew they existed.

And with them you can unleash unlimited… unending amounts of traffic, with a few quick clicks.

Now that I had this intel…

I needed to develop the software that would harness this traffic and literally bring the money to me, automatically.

First, it was time to spec this beast out…

And yes, it was a beast just to create the specs. After all, this wouldn’t be just some simple program… no, this software would would be my own cash magnet.

And it would be complicated to build.

But it needed to be easy to use.

And it needed to automate it all.

For days I worked on specs alone… I worked on it every waking moment and poured my soul into it as this might just be my life’s masterpiece.

When I was finally done… it looked like something out of an Atlas, which is appropriate I guess…since it was a Map to Money!

I knew I needed a team of hardcore power coders.

Coders that could take my vision and make it a tangible reality.

I wasn’t too far removed from Silicon Valley, the world’s hotbed of elite programmers, hackers, and coders.

But the real coders.

The POWER Guys.

They weren’t out in plain sight.

You couldn’t just ‘Yellow Page’ or ‘Google’ these dudes.

They were hidden.

They kept to themselves.

And they could only be found through a place called the ‘Den’.

I tapped into some contacts that knew people that knew people from the ‘Den’.

Yeah, it was one of those types of deals. You had to know people that know people, etc.

Finally, after weeks of backroom introductions, I got this text message on my iPhone from one of the best underground coders in the area.

Him and his little entourage could work magic with software.

It was on!

Don’t ask me how I got it.

I’m not proud of it.

I had to do a lot of begging and borrowing to make it happen.

But, I delivered the money to coders… the POWER coders that were about to make the impossible my new reality.

And along with the money, I gave them my requirements:

This software had to:

  • Create money sucking web pages on the fly
  • Funnel my new traffic sources into ONLY the profitable web pages
  • And then extract the cash profit
  • All automatically
  • And easily
  • Without breaking any laws

And of course, I needed it to be so easy to implement that it could be done in under a half an hour.


I waited.

I got set to meet the coders on Friday to see my new software — and I was so excited I couldn’t sleep for the next couple days.

Finally Friday rolls around and I get out to our meeting place to pick up my new program.

I walk in and the head of the crew hands me $5000 in cash and says, “here’s $5k back… it’s a little less than what we made while testing the software this week.”

My jaw hit the floor.

$5000 in a week ‘playing around’.

I handed it back to him.

“Keep it. You earned it.”

And I grabbed the disc with my new software and sped home.

Of course I loaded it up, installed it, flicked the switch on my traffic sources and set it to begin extracting money.

And I set it to run for a week.

I promised myself I wouldn’t keep checking on it…

I would just let it do what it was supposed to do.

Extract cash profits.

So, for a week I did everything I could to stay away from the house and my computer.

Finally, 7 days after I launched the software, I finally logged on to see what had happened — fingers crossed and double crossed…


I had a wire sent straight to my bank account for over $8400 in instantly spendable cash.

This is more money than I would make in several months with my old job.

And since this was just the first week, I knew I had to throttle things up a bit.

This time I set the software to run for 2 weeks and let it roll.

So I did just that.

And 2 weeks later I logged into my accounts again, and there was another $18,546.75 wire straight to my account!

Now things were getting good.

So I did this over and over and over again.

Making tweaks.

Adding twists.

Implementing tactics.

And the results just kept getting better and better.

4 figure weekly wires.

5 figure weekly wires.

My software just kept bringing me more and more money.

I had accomplished what I set out to do.

At one time I was the guy that created software for PayPal® to keep money from people.

And now…

Well, now I had created software that brought it IN. And brought it in by the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

And all of it automatically.

Without a list.

Without a product.

Without even a website of my own.


Yes, with this Software and my exact methods for turning these unknown traffic wells into cash at the flip of a switch…

Instantly spendable cash that is deposited STRAIGHT to your bank.

… you can conquer it all…

You can have it all.




To do whatever you please.

Whenever you please.

The Profit Siege system and software works for you.

You don’t need to become a desk jockey and waste away your days at the computer.

Install it.

Set it up.

Turn it on.

It takes it from there.

And this is an untapped goldmine that will never become over mined.

It cannot get overrun by too many people.

In fact.

It’s only going to get bigger and BIGGER.

You can only make more and more money.

One of the very last things my dad ever said to me was, “Don’t live with regrets. Go after everything you want with EVERYTHING you got.”

He knew that ‘regret’ is a dirty word.

Will you live with regret?

You might.

You might have to if you don’t seize the opportunity in front of you.

Because I’m handing you the reigns to the Profit Siege software that goes out and gets money for you.

And deposits it right to your bank account in the form of instantly available — spendable cash.

I’m also giving you the exact step by step tactics that I have developed over the past year which accelerate your income.

Even if you’ve never made a cent online.

Even if you have no website.

Even if you have no list.

Even if you have no experience whatsoever.

How awesome to pull up to your ATM and it’s JAMMED with cash?

You’ll finally have the thrill of always being flush with cash.

No overdrawn bank balances.

No negative accounts.

Just big ole bank accounts with as much cash as you can imagine.

And of course.

With Profit Siege, there’s zero waiting for checks to be mailed.

There’s zero waiting for checks to clear.

There’s no PayPal payments to worry about.

It’s all cash.

Right to your bank.

I’ll explain everything.

I’ll give you the same methods that net me more money in a week than 99.99% of the world makes in months.

I’ll hand you my powerful software that automatically funnels cash profits direct to you.

There’s no questions unanswered.

No stone unturned.

If there was any question…

.. it would only be this…

I have been TRYING like hell to figure that out…

How do you place a value on a tool that can change your life like this?

First I thought I would see if I could find anything comparable — kinda like real estate — when you want to know the value of a house, you see what other houses in the neighborhood sell for.

When I told you there is no other software like mine… well, I was eventually able to find ONE other program that does SOME of what mine does.

Not everything… but SOME of it.

And here’s how they value that.

$297 for one year of use. And then $147 every year thereafter.

You stop paying.

You lose access.

Period. Here you can see their current annual subscription form.

My software is a tax bracket changer.

And if I wanted to… I could follow their lead and go with an annual subscription too.


I won’t.

My days at PayPal®… I hated ‘taking money away’ from people.

Now I want to give back.

… I want to atone, if you will.


I’m gonna let you have my software and the actual methods that I personally milk for up to $35,000 a month as a Super Affiliate…

All of it for just $47.

I’m going to let you have access to the entire step by step Profit Siege training AND my killer tax bracket changing software for $47.

Sure it’s worth a LOT more.

But as of right now… $47 and you’re in.

No monthlies.

Just the one-time payment.

I know once you get inside Profit Siege you’ll wish you had this when you first started out and had been able to avoid your previous attempts at making money online.

But. You don’t even have to decide right now.

Get it today. Put my methods and software to work for you for 60 full days.

If for ANY reason you decide it’s not for you, simply email me for a zero hassle refund in full. That’s my promise to you.



I’m a programmer.

We’re not exactly known for our interpersonal skills.

We’re the type of people that would rather put our noses into 0’s and 1’s and code in front of our computer for hours a day than actually talk and verbally communicate with people.

We like numbers and math. Because numbers and math are always honest and don’t BS like many people seem to do.

Which means when I DO say something — it’s often short, quite blunt, and to the point.

So, if you’re easily offended or like things all candy coated, then you probably shouldn’t bother reading what I’m about to say.

Still with me?



So, listen.

This isn’t theory or idea’s or concepts.

This is actual proven methods and tactics.

Step. By. Step.

And the software I built to harness the unlimited traffic of my secret sources and automatically suck in money…

It cost me over $20,000 in cash to build.

Of course I’m including that for you too.

This is a legit and easy way for anyone to get blistering amounts of website traffic and make a LOT of money every month, only putting in a couple hours a day.

If you’ll let a totally risk free $47 stand in the way of that…


… then you’re not ready to make a lot of money yet. Period.

But, if you’re smart…

If you know that $47 is a tiny drop in the bucket to make an easy six figures a year, then this IS for you.

Start right now and you could be cashing in today.

Enter Your Email Address And Then Click The Download Now Button Below To Get Started Now (Only $47 Today):




Listen, you can hate me for who I used to be… the PayPal® guy that created the software that froze accounts…

Or you can love me for the guy I am today… the guy that’s gonna help you leave YOUR 9-5 and change your life (and your tax bracket too).

Make money when you want to make money.

Make as much money as you WANT to make.

You just gotta get started.

I’ll see you on the inside.

Steven Rounds



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