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Learn How to Become a Better Rider

Training the Riding Muscles for Riding.

By learning how to use core stability and independent muscle movement patterns you can train yourself to become a better rider.

This program is now one of the most effective available. It is followed by top riders all over the world. It is followed by riders just learning to ride as well. It is relevant to all riders, at any level, because it trains the rider, not the horse.

 (I guarantee this will work for you.)

Learn how to be 100% effective with your aids and ride
your horse or any horse with confidence and skill.


The control of the pelvis and the deep core muscles is the key to skilled riding in any discipline. This program will teach HOW.

Now the complete program is available on DVD as a free bonus

(in conjunction with the E-book)

Not sold separately

If you want to learn Pure Pilates but not all the horse riding movement patterns then look at *Pure Pilates and Posture Pilates training DVD Click Here!* for more Information.

Read on for more details

From Annette Willson (Rider, Physiotherapist and Pilates Educator)

I can teach you to ride with skill confidence and talent. I taught myself. I used to be a sloppy unbalanced rider. I hated it. I developed this program for myself because I hated bouncing at the trot and getting poor comments in my dressage tests. I had a poor riding posture and was not effective with my aids.

I watched the top riders and used my education as a Physiotherapist to train myself to have an effective strong seat in the saddle. I practiced my exercises out of the saddle and then applied the strength and learned movement patterns on my horse. I went onto compete up to international level in 3 day eventing. My dreams where achieved.

As I improved I was asked over and over “Who is teaching you”? Who are you getting lessons from? I said I taught myself. I did have lessons at times.

I was then asked for lessons and asked HOW do you stay balanced and still in the saddle. I decided to write it all down.

I have changed the format by demand from riders.

The E-book, Applied Posture Riding has been hugely popular but due to demand the program is now packaged and included as a free bonus into a DVD in conjunction with the E-book. The information from both is invaluable.

We all know riding is not as easy as the experts make it look. It is difficult to keep your balance and be effective with your aids. It is so hard to stay upright and look good in the saddle.

Of all the paces the sit trot; it is the most difficult movement to perform dignified and well. You can learn this skill.

Most riders bounce in the saddle, their legs flap against the horses’ side, their hands cling to the reins for balance and they tilt forward.

Many riders have difficulty keeping an upright posture through transitions and keeping their seat in the saddle at the canter.

When giving an aid, they bend their wrists, look down and lean forward. Their heels come up, their lower back stiffens. Their horse drops his shoulder, throws his head up and tightens his back.

Does this sound like your daily riding session?

Do you repeat this routine without improving because you don’t know how to fix it?




Why should you buy this program?

I have been a highly successful competitor in eventing and dressage. I have competed successfully up to international level and was a member of theSouth Australian Olympic training squad.


Annette During Her Competition Days


I am a horse riding instructor having instructed 100s of riders using my unique techniques and physiotherapy knowledge. I have a Masters of Physiotherapy. I am a Pilate’s educator. I practice what I preach with proven results.

I began my riding career with all the problems I see in my pupils. I spent $100s on lessons. I could not achieve the level of riding I was aiming for. My instructors could not help me.

I used my knowledge of physiotherapy to develop a specific group of exercises based on the Pilates concept and applied them solely to horse riders.

I understand how to use specific muscle groups to feel and move with the horse. I know which parts of the body need more strength and which parts need more flexibility.

I teach this off the horse and then in the saddle. I call these physio riding lessons.

Read about the individual case studies from past followers




Danielle started with the E-book only.

Danielle had the typical problems we all have, she could be you?

This is a long text but inspirational to read, you too can achieve what Danielle has.

Dear Annette,

Thank you for putting together the applied posture riding program. It has been the answer to my prayers in so many ways. When getting back into riding after having my son no matter what I tried I couldn’t regain core strength, balance and security in the saddle.

I tried all types of exercise and traditional pilaties but found nothing worked. Additionally, most pilaties books don’t explain the techniques well. I’d said to my husband many times I need an exercise that simulates riding a horse that I can do all day. Two weeks later I saw your tiny advertisement in Horse Deals, visited your website and thought it was worth a go.

Well, your program was the best $100 I ever spent. Since starting the program in May my riding has improved in leaps and bounds. I have a really big moving horse, which is great to watch but not easy to ride. I can now sit in harmony with my horse (he is very grateful for this and sends his many thanks). It doesn’t matter how big the trot I just sit. In fact the quality of his paces has improved as a result of my riding improving. The accuracy of our tests has improved because I can focus on riding not trying to hang on!

There are so many great things about your program. First, you can literally LIVE on the ball. I have one at home and one at work which is fantastic because I can be doing exercise all day that simulates riding. Second, the way you describe the exercises is simple and easy to apply. Third, transferring things from ball to horse is a natural progression. So for anyone who only has 1 or 2 horses in work and has an office job this is ideal because you can literally be riding all day!

In general my overall strength has improved significantly over the last 6 months. I’d had a shoulder problem for the last 6 years and nothing seemed to give relief. Since starting the ball exercises the improvement has been amazing. It’s not completely better yet but it’s getting there. I haven’t had to take any pain killers for over 4 months. This was a problem I thought I was just going to have to live with for the rest of my life.

I suppose the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Over the last few months I’ve been received compliments from judges on how much my riding has improved. Many of whom have asked what I’ve done. (I know couples have ordered ball and book since). Also, I attended a few clinics recently and all 3 instructors could not get over the improvement in my riding and subsequently the way my horse was going. They were desperate to know what I’d done.

Of course I’ve been telling everyone about the book and ball. I just love it and can’t speak highly enough of it. You can probably tell once I start talking about it I can’t stop. I simply LIVE on the ball now and love it. Anyone who wants to improve their posture and riding should seriously look at this program. You can spend a fortune in this industry on saddles, gimics and clinics to try to improve your riding. But there is one simple, cost effective solution Applied Posture riding. If someone is truly committed to spending limited time every day doing the exercises the benefits they will see and feel will be enormous.

Sorry this is so long but I REALLY love your product and want to tell the world. Thank you again.

Kind Regards,

Danielle Sutherland
Member of the Tasmanian Dressage Development Squad



Cast Study 2:

Kelly has ambitions to be great

I have been looking for something to clarify what all my instructors are trying to say. This book explains HOW to sit up straight and maintain this position. The wording easily works through the process of using your muscles to be effective with your aids.

The ball exercises are so relevant to riding I can’t believe how simple it is. I recommend this book to all riders.

Kelly. WA



Case Study 3:

Emma is an Event rider with dreams of International success

I never realized how much thought and training went into the rider. I have always been taught to train my horse not myself. By training my riding muscles I now have a greater understanding of what I am doing. I am stronger, more effective and look better in the saddle. I also suffer less pain after riding. This is a must for all riders.

Emma. SA



Case Study 4:

Rebecca is passionate about connecting with her horse

Hi Annette,

Really loving all the stuff you have sent me. Yesterday I made out it was summer and rode my horse for 20 minutes in the hail. The effects of your exercises have been immediate and I am sure my horse didn’t know who I was, Thank you. This is exactly what I needed to help with my riding. Just wish I lived closer for lessons now. I am also pleasantly surprised to find out how big my horses canter stride really is and so much smoother than I remember, yeah, I was meant to be walking but the temptation got the better of me. Thanks again,





In the left picture you can see the typical slumped shoulder posture.
In the right picture we can see a better more upright posture.

Many people, including horse riders have poor basic standing posture and poor muscle control. This will be duplicated in the saddle, stopping riders achieving a stable, coordinated deep seat.

Are you under an Instructor and does your instructor use the following terms
Over and over and over each lesson?

  • Look up
  • Shoulders back
  • Relax your back
  • More leg
  • More seat
  • Keep your legs still, keep your body upright
  • Apply more leg
  • And so on.

 Riding instructors CANNOT help you with these problems.

Examine the photos here, the two photos on the left show poor upper body strength, both in standing and in the saddle. The two photos on the right demonstrates good upper body strength.

Poor Shoulder Posture
Good Shoulder Posture



Did you know?

  • A forward head posture is a weakness in the neck flexors. This is a cause of headaches and a head wobble in horse riders. Especially at the sit trot.

  • Round shoulders are due to weak shoulder blade muscles. Hence riders are unable to keep their shoulders back.

  • Tight chest muscles result in a slumped posture and round shoulders.

  • The abdominal muscles are the most important group of muscles for controlling the body’s core stability.

  • The pelvis and lower back joints MUST be flexible to ride well.

  • The hamstring muscles are mostly short and weak in the general population and in horse riders.

  • Keeping the heels down requires long calf muscles.

  • The long back muscles are essential for good horse riding posture.

A good rider has knowledge of their own body and

If you know your weaknesses and strengths then you can fix yourself.

The Applied Posture Riding program will teach you how.

Wouldn’t it be nice for someone to say to you


The Applied Posture Riding program will teach you how to

  • Be still at the sit trot.

  • Have an upright stable position.

  • Keep your heels down and still in all paces.

  • Feel the rhythm of the horse.

  • Move with the horse not bounce on him.

  • Maintain a soft gentle rein contact.

  • Apply the inside leg independent of other limbs.

  • Not balance on the reins.

  • Look like an Olympic rider… after you have practiced.

  • Be extremely confident and amazed at your ability.

The Applied Posture Riding Program


An exciting new way of using your body in the saddle.

I guarantee once you follow this new unique way of exercising.
You will
identify your own muscle imbalances and then
FIX them.

To follow this program you will need a big exercise physio ball and some Physio theraband.

Here’s what you will learn in Part 1

(You need to read the E-book and watch the DVD)

  • How to coordinate your breathing and learn Pure Pilates.
  • About the anatomy and function of the horse riding muscles.
  • How to find, test and train your deep abdominal muscles for posture control.
  • How to isolate specific riding muscles and test their strength and length.
  • How to strengthen individual muscles specific for riding.
  • How to coordinate muscle groups used in riding.
  • You will learn about the muscle groups and their relationship to riding.
  • You will learn specific movement patterns for riding.
  • How to gain movement and flexibility through your lower back and pelvis.
  • How to stretch for greater joint mobility and muscle length.
  • You will learn everything you need to know about your body and how to train it for riding.
  • The program will teach you the importance of total body awareness and control, using special unique exercises on the floor and on the exercise ball.
  • Your body will become more flexible and trainable to riding.
  • You will achieve good core stability, the absolute key to a great rider.

Part 2


In Part 2 you will learn HOW TO APPLY the exercises
from Part 1 to your riding

By reading through the lessons in the E-book and watching the DVD you will have a new feel for how the horse moves under you.

The DVD explains the exercises in a different format, it is advised you read the book and watch the DVD for the best results.

Here is what you will achieve after practicing the program in part 2.

  • You will feel the four beat walk and move in rhythm with your horse using your new flexible pelvis and freedom through your lower back.

  • Your hands will follow the horses mouth as your horse gently head bobs and your body won’t follow.

  • Your body will stay upright because you have better posture awareness, and strength

  • You will be looking up with a well aligned head posture.

  • You will be able to bend your horse around your inside leg, while maintaining a straight back.

  • You will be able to gain more flexion through the poll with out pulling, by applying your new established, independent, arm movements.


An example of some simple exercises to practice

The trot lessons teach you HOW TO use the specific muscle groups already trained on the ball in the saddle

  • You will keep your lower leg still while rising, it won’t swing out as you weight bear in the stirrups, when rising trot

  • You will be able to sit still and move with the horse at the sit trot. This is the most sought after technique for riders and YOU WILL ACHIEVE IT.

  • You will keep your lower leg under your hips with good control because you have trained your hamstrings on the ball.

  • Your pelvis will move forward to rise and your body won’t tilt because you have co-ordination and strength.

  • You will be balanced with your weight down through your heels. The trot lesson will teach you HOW TO achieve this.

  • You will have good lower leg to rein balance, which is more leg, less rein. The ball exercise will have strengthened your upper body giving you good balance.

  • You will be able to use your seat and legs to gain more impulsion with out losing balance. Your horse will understand your aids.

  • The sit trot will no longer be a dreaded pace.

  • Your head won’t wobble.

  • Your legs will stay solid and still in position.

  • You will breathe in rhythm will the two beat pace.

  • You won’t balance on your toes or hands.

  • You will achieve an independent deep seat.

The canter lessons explain the use of specific muscle groups to teach you how to ride the canter perfectly

  • You will feel the movement of your horses back as he rounds under your seat and enjoy the freedom of this movement.

  • Your flexible pelvis and good core stability will make it easy to maintain that upright position. You won’t slump forward.

  • You won’t bounce in the saddle or need to look down.

  • You will feel the correct lead without looking.

  • You will be able to use your inside leg independent of your outside leg to gain more bend.

  • You will feel when your horse “drops his shoulder”.

  • The canter will be comfortable, elegant and easy.

  • You will achieve an independent deep seat.

After the Jumping rider lessons

(Only in the E-book, not on the DVD)

  • You will have a balanced strong lower leg.

  • Your lower leg will stay in position over a fence.

  • You body will be able to move forward and back upright in time not “get behind”.

  • Your heel will stay well down all the time.

  • You will be able to apply a half halt in the “2 point” and “3 point” position.

  • Your lower back won’t ache and fatigue as it used to.

  • You will be balanced, confident and strong while traveling cross country.

The Applied Posture Riding
Program will not only benefit all riders but it is
proven to teach even the elite riders something
about their posture both off and on the horse.

Read about the individual case studies from past followers


Case Study 5:

Liz will achieve her dream!

I have been riding for a few years only and after following the exercises in this book I developed a new mindset. The riding lessons in part 2 are particularly good. It is so easy really and now I am aiming for my dreams.

Liz. SA

Case Study 6:

Stevie will go to the Olympics

My mum recently purchased your book for me. I wanted to contact you and thank you. I’m currently only up to the first few exercises but the difference in my riding is just unbelievable. Just to locate the lower ab muscle and pelvic floor muscle, I don’t know how after riding for 14 years and competing at two star I’ve been able to get this far without knowing about this muscle.

Thank you so very much.

I asked Stevie If I could use his words and he replied

you certainly may Annette, and I’m not at all concerned about the use of my full name. If it encourages more people to understand and know how to use their body by knowing once I’m an Olympian that I used your program. Your more than welcome to add it on.


Specific for horse riders of any discipline or level

Dressage Riders will become sensitive, accurate and completely refined with their aids. The sit trot will be easy, and the canter will be elegant. You will enjoy a dressage test result.

Jump Riders will achieve a completely stable lower leg and upper body strength. You will be balanced for that big drop fence. The water fence will be a dry ride.(You must read the E-book)

Pleasure Riders will enjoy their riding more and be safe, confident and have fun every ride.

Western Riders will learn how to be soft and flexible through the seat and achieve the perfect lope canter.


Case Study 7:

Most people take their posture for granted

My posture muscles were muscles I took for granted. Now I know what they are, how to test them, how to use them and how to ride with their support I am a new person and a new rider. Thanks Annette, I feel so inspired now.

Carolyn SA



Case Study 8:

Pilates and back pain a great team

My doctor told me to give up riding and do pilates for my back pain. I spoke to Annette about this, she recommended “Applied Posture Riding”. Little did he know pilates and riding go together. I am now riding daily and can control my back pain. My riding is fun again.

Nadine SA


This program will

Not only will this program change your riding it will save you literally 1000s of dollars. Do the sums?


  • Fewer riding lessons because you can teach yourself
  • eliminate the need to go to the gym
  • fewer treatment sessions for back pain
  • No need for Pilates classes.

Read on if you need more convincing.

  • Is the gym program designed for you as a rider or is it the same as everybody else’s program?

  • With the book in your hand and the DVD on the screen, a physio ball to sit, you can exercise when you want. You can exercise when it suits you; you can even do these exercises while at work.

  • You can sit on the ball at the dinner table.

  • You can sit on the ball while doing computer or book work. (I’m sitting on mine as I write this).

  • Even ten minutes 1-2 times day will achieve results and the exercises are unique and specific for horse riders.

  • I have trained many patients to be self reliant. It will save you 1000s of dollar

HOW Much Time Will You Save?

You can do it all at home.

  • A riding lesson might be an hour but the time prior and post adds another hour minimum.

  • This program will take less than 30 mins a day maximum. I know many riders want to do more once they get started.

  • An hour following the lessons in part 2 will be worth 10 from an instructor.

  • You can practice and achieve your new level of skill with hours left over to enjoy your life.

How Much Pain Will Be Avoided?

  • 80% of horse riders suffer muscle pain, lower back or neck pain.

  • Pilates is famous for controlling lower back pain, you will learn Pilates in detail.

  • Stretching will reduce muscle tightness.

  • Stretching will increase joint mobility.

  • Headaches will be managed with better posture.

  • Joint pain will be less because you won’t “jar up” while riding.

  • Your body will not longer suffer constant stiffness, aches and pain.

How Much Frustration Will You Save?

How Much Satisfaction Will You Achieve?

  • Riders looking for that aah hah feeling will be totally satisfied.
  • Riders will no longer need to search for answers to their problems.
  • The feeling of achievement will be attained. This is a satisfying feeling.

How Much Closer to your Dreams Will you be?

This program will teach you skills so you can go for that dream level.

The knowledge in this program will give you the skills to go as far as you desire.

You won’t be held back because of

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of money
  • Too much pain
  • Poor body posture
  • The wrong shape
  • The wrong horse.

Following that sought after dream will be a matter of time and practice.

Knowledge is power.
Power is confidence.

Confidence will achieve results.

Achieving your dreams is so much closer once you are on the right track.

So what do you get when you purchase this unique program?

You get 10 learning programs; all 10 items are a must for success, with this program.

The package will give every rider a unique learning program by way of reading, watching and viewing.

The E-book provides detailed text, photos and diagrams and has been hugely successful as a learning tool on its own. By demand the DVDs have provided a new medium for riders to learn in detail how to train their muscles for riding. The photos compliment the program with photos of all the positions to practice. The bonus files give riders follow up information with more detail for a complete horse riders muscle training routine.

All of this has been designed by Me a Qualified Physiotherapist with a Masters Degree in Physiotherapy. I am a retired elite three day event rider and a Pilate’s educator. I have been a horse rider and instructor for many years. I have treated and trained 1000s of patients for posture pain control.

This program is has been trailed and tested and is hugely successful.

It will be for YOU too.

You will receive instantly as a download the following expert information.

Applied Posture Riding

1. The Applied Posture Riding E-book. (Download)

(Value $47US)

This is the initial program in full detail.

80 pages, full color (A5 size) written information, photos and diagrams. Proven to be invaluable on its own. Many 100s of riders have already completed and are continuing to follow this program with huge success.

2. The Applied Posture Riding Tips on.(Download)

Protecting Your Back as a Horse Owner

(Value $15US)

8 page PDF file (A4 size). I have written this booklet due to demand from riders wanting just that, advice on how to protect their back while looking after horses. I suffered from back pain for many years and with my education as a Physiotherapist I am qualified to pass this information on. By following just a few of the tips in this booklet may well save you $100 on treatment.

3. The Applied Posture Riding Tips on.(Download)

Tips on How to Save Money Owning a Horse

(Value $15US)

11 page PDF file (A4 size). Horse riding is an expensive sport. I was a poor student when I started. I was not sponsored nor had rich parents. I had to save and spent wisely. In this booklet I have shared many simple ways to save money so you can spend it on the more important things. Buying this package is certainly a huge saving in it self.

4. The Applied Posture Riding Tips on.(Download)

Pure Pilates Instruction Manual”

(Value $15US)

13 page PDF file (A4 size). This simple manual I sell through my Physiotherapy practice to compliment my teaching of Pilates. Learning Pure Pilates is the same format and instructions for every person. This manual takes away the horse riders relevance and allows you to learn pure transverse abdominal function. Many people find this manual simple and so helpful. Remember this program is about training core stability with the aim to rider better.

The basics must not be overlooked.

5. The Applied Posture Riding Photo Album Part 1

(Value $37US) (Download)

70 photos taken while filming the DVD. Yours to view as a screen saver on your computer or as you want. Maybe as a poster on your wall. The photos provide an instant visual picture of all the exercises in the DVD and the E-book. Many people find these photos easier to study and copy. This album compliments the program immensely.

6. The Applied Posture Riding Photo Album Part 2

(Value $27AUD) (Download)

34 photos taken while filming the DVD and while giving Physio riding lesson to some of my pupils. The positions of many of these photos can be copied to practice as exercisesRemember they are exercises and to be practiced, they are not riding positions gone wrong. By copying some of the positions you will be able to identify some of your own imbalances, and or weaknesses.

7. The Riding Muscles and their Function in Riding.

(Value $15US) Download

8 page PDF file (A4 size). This booklet has full color photos and a detailed text on the riding muscles. I know this booklet compliments the DVD training by way of the anatomy pictures. Many riders have found this information easy to follow and not available from any instructors. It is an addition to the program I find very important for a complete learning package.

8. How to Test Your Riding Muscles For Strength and Flexibility.

(Value $25US) Download

24 page PDF file (A4 size).Detailed text and photos of how to test the major riding muscle. The content is more detailed than the DVD and the E-book information. The text and anatomical pictures give a visual education of all the major riding muscles. Again many riders have found this information invaluable as part of their learning process about posture and riding. The aim is always to improve your riding so the more information on offer the better.

After downloading the above programs you will have instant access and be able to start the Applied Posture Riding exercises.

On completion of payment I will immediately post out to you the bonus DVDs Here what you will receive.

9.The Applied Posture Riding DVD Part 1

(Value $37 ) Posted Free to your address

1, 1/2 hours long. Of detailed information about the riding muscles and how to train them for riding.

10. The Applied Posture Riding DVD Part 2

(Value $27 ) Posted Free to your address

45minutes long. Of exercises and movement patterns on the horse. This DVD explains how to establish the lower leg position and practice exercises to train the posture for a strong effective riding position.


TOTAL Offer is worth $260

My price to you is $127

Less than the price some instructors are charging for 1 lesson.

Remind of benefits to the rider

A Total of $260(US) worth (plus free postage for the DVDs) of expert information to guide you to becoming a better rider.

What are you waiting for?



I plan to produce further DVDs on topics about riding and on topics people request. These will become available as separate items when completed.

I am also available for clinics as requested.

I am also able to give a free consult by phone or email.



I absolutely guarantee this Applied Posture Riding program will change your riding ability for the better!

  • I am so passionate about this program I personally guarantee it will teach you something you didn’t know about yourself.
  • You will learn to assess your own muscle imbalances and FIX them.
  • You will learn muscle strength and muscle control.
  • I guarantee you will strengthen your core muscles.
  • I guarantee you will increase your lower back and pelvic range of movement.
  • I guarantee you will learn a new feel when riding your horse.
  • I guarantee you will learn new skills to use in your riding.
  • If you follow the program and practice daily I guarantee you will be a better rider.

  • If you are unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever with the product, we offer an unconditional 60 day guarantee. Just contact us to obtain a no questions asked refund. Please give the program time to work though. Your riding will not improve after just 2-3days.


By now you must be jumping at the bit to order.

Pay just $127 via my secure site and have access to download Items 1 to 8 instantly and get started with this unique, guaranteed program. Items 9 and 10 (the DVD’s) will be posted out to you.

Still got Doubts.

Read what those who have followed this program say again.


Do It Yourself Program

After following the “Applied Posture Riding” program it should be called riding made easy.

I didn’t know posture was so important to riders. I can now keep my body upright and my legs still. The stretches feel so good too. The little tests to test your own strength in particular muscles let you monitor your own progress. USA



Valid to Horse Riders

Thankyou for producing something so straightforward and valid to riders. I have been riding for 10 years and always had problems with balance especially at the sit trot. The exercises have taught me how to establish my strength and be able to control my body. It took some time but now I can sit trot without bouncing. This is a great program for horse riders.



Case Study 9:

Even a good rider can improve

I thought I was a good rider. After reading and going through this book I have been able to use so much of the common sense approach to riding to improve myself even further. It is such a great program.

Nadine NSW



Case Study 9:

A Pleasure rider with pain control

I am only a pleasure rider. I thought this was a book for competition riders only. I can ride for hours now and get off do my stretches at the end of the day and sleep pain free now. I used to ride in a crooked position now I don’t.

Emma Vic


Don’t wait any longer to achieve the results you always
wanted as a horse rider.

Go to my secure site now pay just $127 and get

In just a few minutes you can start on a program that will give you new skills and achieve a riding level at the moment you are only dreaming of.

PS. Learn how to identify your own muscle imbalances and then fix them.

PSS. Learn how to train your riding muscles for riding. Become a well balanced strong rider by training your self using this new knowledge. Learn how to feel your horse’s movement and work with your horse not against him. Learn how to develop that sought after independent deep seat.



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