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Baby weight be gone!!

Wow pregnant and 40 can take a toll!! Reata is now 3 and half months old and my weight has not gone down much from when I left the hospital! With breastfeeding and activity levels going up each day I was hoping the weight would come off but I need HELP!

Got a shipment of the women’s 4 week program from New LifeStyle diets, I am so excited about what this diet will do for me. Also a little nervous about loosing weight – because every time I seem to loose weight I get new life style, die, lifestyle, womens, weight loss, loose, shakes, pudding, meals, team tkd, traci davispregnant again LOL.

Being 40 and for the delivery of my 3rd daughter and gaining more weight with this one then both the others (even being active) has been frustrating, but with the help of the New LifeStyle Diet I know I will be back to my prepregnacy weight or better!

Look at all this food. So many choices and flavors. I am excited for the variety and getting to choose each day my combos of foods!

I am on the go with the life we lead so I can even toss the packets in my purse and add water when I am ready to eat – this will be so easy! Be sure to stay tuned and and see how much weight comes off!


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