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New order   Leave a comment

Love getting new food to try from NLSD Got a new order of great items from New LifeStyle Diet, this last week I have been enjoying some of the new flavors this week and they are great! Lemon and Banana pudding yummm. Also Apple Oatmeal – love having oatmeal for breakfast. It is so good […]


Whey or Soy   Leave a comment

Which one is better? Whey or Soy? Well both proteins have there place and their benefits. I love the fact with New LifeStyle diet I can have a great balance of both soy and whey. Some people can tolerate soy better then whey and some whey better then soy. Some people need to limit soy or limit whey. Some diets are […]


Save some more cash this month   Leave a comment

Save on your New Lifestyle Diet purchase! This is a great way to get started with New LifeStyle Diet – by saving some cash!! To help you create your new lifestyle and save money this month, we’re giving you a coupon code that will save you $30. To take advantage of this savings, just add […]


Back at it New Lifestyle   Leave a comment

Had a set back So I started on New Lifestyle Diet a while back and it was going very well – then I went to more of a maintenance program where I was eating a few more calories and using pudding as snacks and bars as snacks. I loved that I was still loosing but not as […]


Electric run – Dallas, TX   Leave a comment

Thanks to New Lifestyle Diet for the support This was the Electric run we had so much fun. Probably one of the funnest races we have attended yet. Team TKD has plans to do many races this year and this was a great start. The course was fun and the lighting was great – it […]


So today is the 23rd of January   Leave a comment

How is the new years resolutions going It takes 21 days to develop a habit – that is what the experts say, so if you started the 1st or the 2nd on your new years resolution, you should be well on your way! It is a big choice to find that perfect fit for for a long […]


See how you will look after the weight is gone!   Leave a comment

Love this part of New LifeStyle Diet! Go check out the virtual weight loss model – this rocks it will show you your before and after and let you set a goal and then tells you how many months that goal will take – wow!! That is great! Go check it out and get started […]


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