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Could not be happier

Wow I got my energy back for sure! 21 pounds lighter will for sure do that! Pickup a 20 lb dumbbell and wow that is heavy. It really puts in into perspective when you lift the weight you loose. When you pack it with you each day it makes you tired and I thought it was the baby dragging me down – nope it was flab! I am still not done – my goal is to be lighter then when I got pregnant and I was in the best shape and the lightest (when I got pregnant) then I had been in years.

I still love the New Lifestyle Diet – I did eat out a couple times last week – Anniversary and holiday weekend – I made the best choices I could and limited my size of meals and took home left overs for the kids! You can have a day or 2 that you slip up just get right back at it the next day no excuses. This diet is a very easy one to go fat, weight loss, diet, new lifestyle, age, pregnancy, 20 lbs, pounds, healthyback to if you do slip up on it – the flavors are great and it is easy to eat and prepare on the go and I am always on the go somewhere!

With the 3 pounds and 2 and a quarter inch loss this week and eating out a couple times I am very pleased I know this next week with not eating out will help even more. But nice to know I can still be able to go out, be responsible and still loose weight!


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