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Confession time…

Well life really got in the way this week. I did not lose any more weight but good news I did not gain any either! We are doing some updating to our kitchen so I did good with breakfast each day – after that it went down hill! I would be busy and loose track of time and before I knew it – it was past lunch and I had not eaten – so I would have a pudding and then again before I knew it it was dinner time and of course the kitchen wasn’t in any shape to cook for the family so out to dinner we went – I tried to make good choices but still at restaurants your portions are way bigger then they need to be and by the time I got slowed down from the day I was starting!

I have a new plan this next week and it will be sticking to the plan of New LifeStyle Diet! It works and is New LifeStyle diet, team tkd, traci davis, weight loss, lose, diet, food,formulated in a manner that is right to lose the weight I need to. I have proof from the already 21 lbs I have lost on it. Life got in my way and it is no excuse at all!

I am still so excited about the great flavors and taste so I now hitting this next week will be a piece of cake!!

We are all human and will have set backs for sure! Key is jump back on where you are and keep trying!


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