I ran a marathon just 18 months ago   Leave a comment

Wow will I get back to that point?

The last few months of my pregnancy were pretty hard on me and gaining extra weight even made it harder. Now baby is 6 months old and I am almost back to pre-pregnancy weight and feel a lot better. No were near back to running a full marathon again yet but can run without feeling like I am dying again, so it is progress for sure.

New lifestyle diet plan is going great. Still down the 25 lbs – no more lost but I did loose more inches and went Marathon, new lifestyle diet, texas, traci davis, tnt, team tkd, white rockdown in pants again!! Woo Hoo!!

It is hard not to focus on the scale, we all do it, but as long as I am seeing inch loss I am good. All the ladies out there know that the scale is full of it sometimes and so are hormones going up and down with us too. It can affect us up to 3 lbs a day differences ugh!

I know I will run another marathon and I hope it will be sooner. Just trying to get my hinny smaller again so it is lighter to pack over the finish line.

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