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Holidays and diets….

2 things that are hard to put together is holidays and diets. Since starting New Life Style Diet I have hit a few small holidays. Well and then there was The 4th of July our countries celebration of freedom – oh what to do! Am I free to eat all I want? Nope….. well not if I want to keep going down in weight that is for sure. With 3 different celebrations in one week what is a girl to do? So I decided I will pick one of the parties to eat all I want. So the first celebration I did real well and still had fun drinking my shakes and mingling. Now the 2nd celebration was a fish fry and every dessert you can imagine. I LOVE fish so that is the one I chose to eat all. I started my day with my shakes and bars and that evening I eat what I wanted – it was nice to be able to be social and eat and enjoy the great food. I eat until I was full and satisfied but did get a taste if it all. The next it was business fat, weight loss, diet, new lifestyle, age, pregnancy, 20 lbs, pounds, healthy, holiday, diet, 4th, july as usual and back at the shakes and bars. The 3rd party came and I was good (except the heart of the water melon was calling my name. So I did have some melon (but it is summer and that cold melon on a hot day is wonderful)!

You can go off your diet and get right back on and keep going! Just because there is 3 outings in one week doesn’t mean you have to give up at all – pick one and enjoy. This is a life style change and you can work in what fits for you. I love the New Lifestyle Diet and all the great benefits for sure so it is very east to go back to after a little detour to celebrate our independence!


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