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Tis the season

Hi my name is Traci and I am addicted to fresh fruit. Oh I love summer time!! Fresh peaches, Cantaloupe are 2 for $1 and watermelon on every corner and of course my favorite are cherries!! With a garden full of fresh tomatoes how is a girl to pass them over! Well at least they are good for you!

I have had so much fun mixing some fruit with my New LifeStyle Diet. Wow try this one the Cheesecake all-natural, cleaning, health, natural, Organic, safe,  20 lbs, age, die, diet, drink, fat, healthy, Holidays and diets, lifestyle, loose, meals, new life style, new lifestyle, pounds, pregnancy, pudding, shakes, team TKD, traci davis, water, weight loss, womenspudding with fresh chopped peaches in it. Oh my it is heavenly. Eat some cherries with your Chocolate shake or pudding. Still getting to have the great protein from the shakes and puddings but also get to enjoy the fruit of the season and with the added humidity here in Texas the added water from fresh watermelon and fruit is a great thing!

I love the flexibility of the New LifeStyle Diet and all it offers and of course the great results it gives me.


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